AAI Alumni Code – Moscow workshop results

As AIESEC alumni, our ethics are the glue that binds us and are at the heart of what will help us unleash our potential.  We had exciting discussions in Moscow about our scope to clarify our AAI code of ethics and make them the backbone of our association.

Click HERE to read our AAIM workshop report on this topic.

Bernd M. Thomas
Vice President and Executive Board Member
AIESEC Alumni International

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  1. Thank you for working on this and sharing this. I also would like to make some inputs that I hope will be given considerations as and when there is further work done on this regard.

    I strongly advocate for principles of inclusiveness when it comes to a possible AAI code of ethics. This I believe is very important element to be included in such a code of Ethics especially in the current context of AAI’s revitalization.

    Why? At the moment AAI is driving forward changes. But at the moment if you consider the representation made at the AAI meetings this does not include many Alumni Associations and communities around the world. Knowing that ‘AIESEC Alumni’ is something bigger than a collection of few, we need to respect the Alumni body at large and understand any decision made is on their behalf and not just in the interest of a few.

    Remember that this important principle is why in AIESEC each country holds a single vote and there is a TCS system to ensure that all countries are represented. Though I think that there need not be a similar system it is important that AAI’s strategic direction is defined with an approach where the winder Alumni community is consulted actively despite practical difficulties. ( Similar to me having opportunity here to share my inputs here virtually but going further ) and even though there is limited interest at the moment. Do consider that there are many passionate alumni and Alumni associations unable to attend the global meetings due to various reasons.

    So in visualizing a AAI which is an network of National Alumni Associations. I feel that we can take further steps to improve on the inclusiveness and the participatory nature of decisions made. .

    I’ve already shared some feedback related to decisions related to a membership fee on the AAI facebook group. So once again I stress in also looking at membership of AAI the ethical principle of inclusiveness should come ahead of financial considerations.etc.

    As most of you I’m excited about the new developments happening in the global alumni community and look forward to continuing to work with you.

    If the above articulation of my thoughts is not clear, I would be happy to try to clarify further publicly or one-to-one.

    Suchith Abeyewickreme – [email protected]
    MCP 2006/07 ( Sri Lanka), AP Chair (2006/07), Country Coach 2007/08 (Thailand) , Int. Ethics Subcommittee Member ( 2007/08) and MCP 2008/9 (Thailand) .

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