Open Positions – Join the AAI Team!


We have some volunteer positions on our team, and we would love it if you would take the time to think about contributing to AAI for one of these roles.

The first argument that often comes to mind is: “I don’t have the time for an AIESEC role,” and we understand that. The fact is that these roles are meant for adults who have busy lives and successful businesses. We are aware of time limitations, and all we expect from you is to give us about 20 hours a month. This will be enough to cover your responsibilities, have meetings with others, and enjoy the power of AIESEC teamwork.

These are the open positions:

HR Director: Responsible for recruiting volunteers and guiding them through their initial process, later monitoring their performance and helping them to adjust when necessary. Ideal for alumni who have experience with HR, either within AIESEC or in their professional practice.

Social Impact Team members: Responsible for developing strategies to enhance the impact those alumni focused on social impact are having. Ideal for alumni who are interested in SDGs, social business, and entrepreneurship.

AAI exists to share leadership initiatives and inspire several generations of alumni worldwide. And that’s why social media is such an important element in AAI communication.

We’re looking for you, our next social media manager to join us and build greatness together.

Our alumni want to learn what’s going in the world, why it’s important, and why they should care. At times, we post with a serious tone, and other times in a funny and irreverent tone so that all of our alumni find something they love.

We’re looking for a social media manager to join our team and manage our channels (primarily Facebook and LinkedIn) and drive traffic to Alumnet.

As the key holder for our social media, you’ll be in charge of:

  • Updating social networks with engaging content, status updates, pictures, videos, and comments;
  • Planning, publishing, and promoting editorial calendar posts;
  • Preparing a social media editorial calendar;
  • Engaging with alumni worldwide through our channels of communication;
  • Identifying trends and building new social media strategies;
  • Collaborating with Alumnet director to promote the platforms’ programs and products; Responding to inbound messages;
  • Creating and promoting social media content in line with the AAI’s brand and values;
  • Coming up with creative ways to engage with alumni on social media and encourage conversation;

You’ll get to engage and interact with a worldwide network of alumni, actively seek thought-leaders, and help develop genuine relations between alumni from different parts of the world connected through the same values. You’ll get to exercise your creativity muscle as well as have access to a big “drawing board” to put your own ideas to test. You’ll get a lot of virtual high fives for driving the cool train of AAI social media.

Is this you? Email [email protected] and let us know why.

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