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Name: Agnieszka Ciećwierz

Nickname: Aga

Profession/Career: Tour Leader in South America

Who you wanted to become? Tour Leader in South America

What are your professional goals? Help people get rid of cultural stereotypes wherever I go.

What are your AAI goals? Make AAI transparent and relevant for everyone who wishes to join.

What are your personal goals? Learn to inspire other people to believe that everything is possible.

Would you recommend the EB experience to anyone else? Why? If living diversity and lifelong learning ring a bell for you, I’d say go for it.

When not working, EB-ing, what do you like to do? I read. Way too much. I’m also into mountain biking, hiking and travelling, and I learn to play the guitar.

Name One (cool) thing that not many people know about you? I enjoy photography. Come to think of it, I should probably consider taking the camera to our events more often.

What languages you speak? Polish, Spanish, English, French.

In what language you can barely scrap a few words/phrases? Chinese, Portuguese, German, Catalan.

Where are you from and Where do you live now? I’m from Poland. I live and work half a year in Europe and half a year in South America. I like it this way 🙂 .

Favourite food/drink: cheesecake!!!, hot pot, seafood, sushi, arroz chaufa, tomato soup, papaya, chicha morada.

You can reach Aga at [email protected]

kristianName: Krisztian Andras Hackl. Close family & friends call me Hack-Lee. (there’s a cool story as to why, but the editor didn’t let me finish it. Ask me when we meet, you’ll love it.)

Profession/Career: CEO for a fashion brand ( which means I get to go to cool fashion shows in Milan, NYC, London and call it business. Secretly I wanted to become a pilot. (Is it too late?)

My professional goal is to Become a confident investor & startup manager 

With my term in the EB I want to Transform the AAI Signature Programs into everyday, feasible networking events & business possibilities over the next 4 years.

On a personal level I would love to start my own family, and come up with cool nicknames for those kiddos.

If I recommend the EB experience? Definitely, 100%, because it’s a great challenge that moves you out of your comfort zone, and much more!

When not working or EB-ing, I love Writing. I published a book with a friend of mine. Looking forward for the 1st English version.

One (cool) thing that not many people know about me is that I was a national chess champion as a kid. It might sound boring, but Hungary had world champion-league chess players within my age.

I speak Hungarian, English & German. But, if we celebrate something, I can say cheers in 90+ languages. I would manage to ask for directions in Slovak, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, Italian, French. And if we get kidnapped I can sing my way out with 2 songs in Suaheli or Sesotho. And, can squeeze in 100+ words in: Zulu, Sotho, Tswana and Xhosa languages.

I’m from Szeged, Hungary, where Hungarian Paprika, Salami, Goulash and Fish Soup comes from & Live between Budapest & NYC.

If you know where the best Pancakes/Crepes, my favorite food, are made in the world, shoot me an email at [email protected]

martinName: Juan Martin Branchi, but if we met in AIESEC, you’d know me as Tincho.

Profession/Career: HR Consultant, and I also work with strategy & research.

The young, foolish & full with dreams Tincho wanted to be an architect. I had a thing for structures, buildings and the intricacies of the architectural design. It was written in stone for me to become one, until I went on Exchange to New Zealand at 17. I became interested in Business Management, and later HR, where I realised that leadership and teamwork were the two most important variables for the success of any project that involved collaboration and creativity.

My professional goal is to become a theorist of what I do. I’m putting together a list of  ideas for a book I will write in the coming years.

Through my term in the EB I would like to develop the “Alumni to the World” platform to the fullest, enabling the change agents in our network to enhance their impact in their communities & the world.

On a personal level I would love to travel more, get to know more of the world, and to bring back new ways of seeing my own reality in my country.

Would I recommend the EB experience? I would, yes! It’s a unique opportunity to work in a multicultural team where the common root is our own AIESEC experience & our adherence to our values. This is my 3rd term in the EB Team and I am very proud of being here.

When not working or EB-ing I’m a passionate Photographer. But there’s nothing I enjoy more than having all my friends & family over for a good, smokey barbecue (nobody puts baby in the corner when it comes to make the barbecue) & a great swimming afternoon at the pool (swim like nobody’s watching)

One (cool) thing that not many people know is that I’m building a little house for my nephews & nieces in my house’s park, hidden between the trees, for them to play in, and for me to exercise that architectural muscle.

I speak Spanish & English, but know enough to talk my way out when caught catching a beautiful sunrise in a forbidden spot when traveling to Brazil, in Portuguese.

I’m from Argentina & I live in the same city I was born in: Corrientes.

I will spill my architectural secrets anytime over Argentinean grilled meat washed out by a  mojito.

If you secretly aspire to also take that perfect shot of nature, and got some tips for Martin, send him an email at [email protected]

andrewName: Andrew Rowe

When I was a little boy, my family called me freckle face. Recently a few people have said I look like Paul McCartney

Early career was in global business development & management. For the last 20 years, I have been an entrepreneur & angel investor, in industrial robotics, technology & healthcare.

While I was young I dreamed of being a global citizen, traveling the world, speaking many languages and becoming a leader.

My professional goals are to serve, empower & build great teams of talented people, helping them to achieve their growth goals.

Within my AAI activity I want to activate our global leadership network to make an impact on the world.

My personal goals are to love my family, have great friends, serve the community & to continue to explore this beautiful world we live in.

 I recommend the EB experience for The size of our opportunity to make a difference in the world, our shared vision and great team members that are a true inspiration!

When not working or EB-ing, I love the feeling of the outdoors, skiing, hiking, running, the performing arts, traveling the globe, film and community activities. I’m a Toastmaster and Rotarian.

One (cool) thing that not many people know about me is that On the weekends, my wife and I live in a national scenic area, surrounded by incredible natural beauty. I have two sons, (28 and 25 years old) and the cool part is that they are AIESEC babies.

I speak Spanish, French & Portuguese, but if we’re lost in one of our skiing adventures, I’d know how to ask where is the closest best fondue & mulled wine place in Italian or German.

Raised in Seattle Washington, I currently live in Portland, Oregon.

I would share some of the coolest memories while I lived in Europe in a heartbeat over fresh fish and a plethora of organic vegetables. But the best stories from Latin America or Asia will come over drinking some red wine.

You also love red wine and know just the wine Andrew should try next, email him at [email protected]

susanneName: Susanne Pfeuffer  

Profession/Career: Financial advisor

When I was young I was dreaming to become a teacher. And as any respectable person that follows their dreams, my younger sisters were my first pupils.

My professional goals are to help people to manage their decisions regarding their assets & pension planning.

Within my EB term I want to help developing the association to a more professional and sustaining association.

My personal goals are to stay healthy (anybody said kale smoothie? ) & try helping to make the world a bit better.

I would recommend the EB experience because You’ll learn to manage situations that you would’ve never dream of, meet a lot of interesting people & learn things like you couldn’t  do elsewhere in your life. And you still feel the unique passion of AIESEC

When not working or EB-in you’ll find me traveling or gardening.

One (cool) thing that not many people know is that I have an PADI Open Water diving license. Oh, and the stories I have around diving into open waters are only to be shared over my favorite Gin Tonic or Aperol Sprizz.

I speak  German, English & Spanish, but will always know how to order a good Schnitzel in French.

I’m from Germany and I live near Mainz, one of the carnival capitals in Europe.

Email Susanne at [email protected]

002Name: HO-CHICH LO, but I’ll make it easy – my friends call me Roger.

Profession/Career: I’m excited about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and work in a startup called Appier ( with an investment from Sequoia Capital. My expertise is in consumer internet (Google & Yahoo) and strategy consulting field. 

I want to become a politician to work on an Education Revolution & improve my country’s education field. Currently accepting ideas for campaign slogans .

My professional goal is to become a professional business manager that can develop & lead products into the global market.

My AAI EB goals are to support the development of each region & motivate and inspire more AIESEC alumni to come back to the community and improve the state of the world.

My personal goal is to become an educator for the next generation.

I would recommend the EB experience as an amazing opportunity to serve fellow AIESEC alumni and connect with all the passionate individuals around the world.

When not working or EB-ing, I love sinking into my fluffy reading chair at home with a book, while listening to a cool music playlist. It needs to be warm tho, not a fan of cold. If you need to get anything from me, put me in an ice igloo for 1 hour, and I’ll give you all my life savings.

One (cool) thing that not many people know about me is that I played for the basketball school team when I was in senior high.

I speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, & English. But come to that igloo situation, I can negotiate my way out with a few phrases in Japanese & Hindi.

I am from Taiwan and continue living here.

If I’m exiled to a desert island, I literally love anything when it comes to food & drinks.

If AI keeps you awake and you got a cool book recommendation, email Roger at [email protected]


alexName: Alexander Georg Josef Tichy, or Alex, for friends.

I’m an Entrepreneur and started my first Business in ‘91, founded another one in ‘95 & from 2002 evolving with the RADIX Group.

When I was young I had a fixed idea to see myself as a Grandpa (I never got to know one of my Grandpas and I lost my second Grandpa really early), have the Young ones around me and telling them captivating stories, scary ones at times (you need to keep the young ones in check) and great adventures. The dream? All those great stories should come from my own life.

My professional goals are to Create Jobs, Inspire People & show that successful Businesses can be run differently than Mainstream. Leave a corporate legacy.

My AAI goals are tied up to unifying global AIESEC Alumni and making them act towards one global direction for having Maximum Impact.

My personal goal is to be able to look every morning into the mirror and like what I see. Stay authentic & honest to myself and everyone around me and realize the dream of becoming a legendary grandpa in our family history.

I would recommend the EB experience to everyone who is sure to continue contributing to AIESEC with best global practices & also to those who are not sure what/how they could raise their personal Impact.

When not working or EB-ing, I play music (clarinet & saxophone). I have studied with two of Austrians best Jazz Saxophonists ( I enjoy spending time with family & friends, my dog Alec & doing sports (x-fit, golf etc.)

One (cool) thing that not many people know about me is my extreme passion for Single Malt. I’m a collector and could talk hours about its rarity, edge & uniqueness. I also find great solace in speaking & reading in Latin and Latvian.

I speak German, English, Spanish, French, and Latvian. But if negotiating an addition to my Single Malt collection happens, I will bring it home in Italian, Russian, Finnish and even Romanian.

I was born in Vienna /Austria, and now living between Vienna and the countryside.

I mean, let’s get together over Chili con Carne, any Italian Pasta, Sushi, mashed potatoes with Beef and I will put you in my will. But if you want to hear some of the stories I keep in my pockets for my grandchildren, let’s do it over a glass of Single Malt.

Where to send him tips on single malt for his collection? [email protected]

marcoName: Marco

Nickname: None. But as a recovering DJ I transitioned through various names, such as Marcovaldo, Marco Villa Pilla Punjabi DJ, DJ Reverend and DJ Flying

Profession/Career: Speaker, Trainer & Business Angel, but I always dreamed to become an airline pilot.

My professional goals are To help people fulfill their potential, while my personal goal is to Visit all the countries in the world.(I’m halfway there)

My AAI goals are To make AIESEC Alumni the most powerful Alumi organization in the world

If I recommend the AAI EB experience?  Well, I’ll tell you once I’ll be done with it.

When not working or EB-ing I lust Traveling, or thinking about my next meal.

One thing you don’t know about me is that I’m an apprentice magician. I’ve got a cool aces up my sleeve.

I speak Italian & English, but with some magic, I can order any food in Spanish & French. Because food. But come to traveling, I can ask for directions in Mandarin & German.

I’m from Crema, near Milan (Italy). Technically I also live there, but lately I’m spending more time in Singapore than anywhere else.

I can totally give away a magic trick over  a good risotto with porcini mushrooms.

Have inside tips for Marco’s next travel? Email him at [email protected]

veriName: Verineia

Nickname: none (for very close family, Via)

Profession: Professional storyteller, Wine expert & Public Speaking coach. Basically, after a glass of wine, I’ll come up with really good stories. Isn’t this how every job work?

When I was young, I wanted to be a nun, to change later to theater actress.

My professional goals is to write speeches for Elon Musk & coach female tech executives how to deliver highly impactful presentations to be on par with men in tech.

For my AAI goals I want to build a strong communication team to make our mark on the world through high-quality content, badass events and generally good vibes.

If talking dreams, I plan to have my own vineyard (and have you guys over a glass of wine & long horse back rides).

If I recommend the EB experience? Absolutely. Because It teaches you grit, resilience, multilateral thinking, and, on top of that, meeting people that you really want to have a glass of wine with.

When not working or EB-ing I love Yoga in scenic areas, discovering hidden cool spots to travel, learning exceptionally good vegan cooking to “trick” my avid meat eating friends that it’s more than chewable & horseback riding.

One (cool) thing that not many people know? I was on my way to become a theater actress, when life got in the way and I had to take a “more serious approach”

I can speak decent English, French, Russian & Mandarin. And I know a few “interesting” phrases, to say the least, in Arabic.

At origins a Romanian soul, but “Blaming” AIESEC for having lived in so many countries. Currently stationed in China.

Best food/drink: Vegan burgers, with a drooling siracha coconut mayo & Amarone

Where to send a vegan burger: [email protected]

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