Music is life – How does music affect your life in the past, now and in the future

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

Personally, I cannot think of a life without music. Whether I feel happy, sad, thoughtful, angry,eager or sick, all I need to do is find music to suit my mood to feel better. It turns out I’m not alone. Research shows that music has a strong effect on pains and illnesses(1).

For example, if we’re feeling lonely, music can help us remember our childhood. We’re takenback to that beautiful day, and the nostalgia makes us smile. In medicine, music has been known to help with some chronic illnesses. Some orthopaedic problems can be solved by dancing to fun music. Music can also directly affect the brain and heart. With high tempo music, heartbeats get faster. Conversely, slow tempo music does the opposite—as well as lower blood pressure—making us feel more relaxed(2)

Traditions and experiences in Turkey show that different music and sounds affect different illnesses. Each one has a different impact on different health problems. Turkish doctors say that music therapy has been used for over 900 years and they routinely get positive feedback from patients(3).

Personally, I believe in music’s positive effect. When I read a book, study, workout or eat, even while writing, a comforting jazz band will accompany me and help me perform better. How does music influence your life?

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