Let’s make it happen!

With our successful and very exciting meetings in Hungary behind us, we are shifting into implementation gear.  With this in mind, we’ve changed the name of this blog from “AIESEC Alumni of the World Unite” to “The AAI Transformation Project,”  and this site will be our primary communication vehicle (for now) to provide continued transparency and inclusivity as we move forward.

Many of the changes will be of the visible kind, including the update and relaunch of our newsletter, website and social media properties.  Others will be behind the scenes preparations for recommendations we’ll make at our Moscow AAIM in August ’12 about which we’ll request your input along the way.  All of them will be aimed at unleashing AIESEC’s global alumni potential.

We’ve just begun the process, but you can be sure that your new AAI Executive Board is on the case.  We’re setting priorities, building a team, and focused on taking action, and we’ll be looking for participation from all interested parties.  Please stay tuned.  There are many exciting developments to come!

AIESECly yours,
David Epstein
President, AIESEC Alumni International

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  1. adminPedro Luis Pinson says:

    Dave, any comments that could be usefull in Santiago.??? Any proposals I should stres in thew deliberations??? I am leaving on the 9th as as the grapes are coming in and will profit to visit a few wineries. Enjoy your evening, PLP

  2. Am looking forward to the second round! I would be cautious with the local and national associations though in each country, as each is quite unique and not easily assimilated on a unified platform as we have heard from feedback at AAIM Budapest. I would still suggest that the local and national associations must do their best to connect and reconnect AIESECers on the ground as best they can, while we continue to debate the top 3 steps on acceptance and implementation. I am sure that sometime in the next few months into Moscow, we will arrive at a better meeting point and be ready to activate the alumni network. Looking forward for Singapore to play our part. Cheers, David and team!

    1. Thank you, Gavin, and agreed on all counts! We will actively seek the involvement of the national associations and will endeavor to support them every step of the way. Best, David

  3. This is great, and thank you David for keeping us informed, I’m looking forward to learn more on how can I contribute with this strategy or with whom to be in touch about this, specially in anything related to web communication.

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