Leadership For A Better World

AGR Headshot 002Leadership was the dominant theme at the AIESEC Alumni International Meeting (AAIM), which was just held in Gurgaon, India. Over 100 accomplished leaders from all generations and over 30 countries came together to connect and collaborate on this topic through a multitude of sessions designed to educate and inspire.

  • We rolled out our Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative and discussed ambitious plans to harness the power of our global network to activate leadership that drives positive change at all levels of society–powered by AIESECers. To support our individual paths toward this goal, participants learned how AA programs empower alums to engage in lifelong leadership development through ALUMnites, A-Groups, exchange programs, mentoring and coaching, and other activities. We will bring this all together over the coming years through triennial World Citizens Forums.
  • We finalized the launch of the AIESEC Alumni Value System, which defines how AIESEC alumni differentiate themselves from others as they lead their companies, organizations, and communities. This work is the culmination of several years of working groups and consensus building across the globe.
  • We celebrated the leadership of AIESECers who are making a difference in the world through non-profits and social enterprises as part of our ongoing Change Agent Program. These powerful stories of alumni in action are living proof of how AIESEC alumni are leading the way.
  • We rolled out a new mentoring and coaching program, which will allow us to provide ongoing leadership development to AIESECers and alumni in fulfillment of our mission to advance leadership and international understanding for a better world. We also held a workshop on our AA Signature Programs, which will be adopted across the network in the coming months and years.
  • Sessions were held on the National Alumni Association (NAA) Best Practices, which were designed to help alumni leaders strengthen their organizations to accelerate progress on the AAI Transformation Project.
  • Alumni leaders from India and throughout the network shared their own personal leadership journeys in entrepreneurship, higher education, and social enterprise, providing living proof that AIESECers are engaged in making a difference in many ways around the globe.
  • We also provided special recognition to alumni leaders at the AIESEC Alumni Hall of Fame Awards, held in conjunction with the AIESEC International Congress that was taking place close by. Our congratulations to this year’s winners:
    • Rolando Gosienfiao, who received the Global Alumni Hall of Fame Award, In Memoriam
    • David Epstein – Global Alumni Hall of Fame Award;
    • Vishen Lakhiani, who received the Global Alumni Entrepreneurship & Leadership Award;
    • Sullaja Firodia Motwani, who received the Global Alumni Entrepreneurship & Leadership Award;
    • Christiane Stein, who received the Global Young Alumni Contribution Award; Carsten Tonn, who received the Global Young Alumni Contribution Award;
    • Eliane Sussman, who received the Global AIESEC Contribution Award;
    • and Dr. Mukund Rajan, who received the Global AIESEC Contribution Award.

Attendees were also provided a live demo of AlumNet, which is set for a beta launch in mid-September.  Our deployment team recruited NAA leaders and other early adopters to help us populate the portal with events, photos, and other initial content. AlumNet will fully launch in January 2016. Attendees were excited by the power of our new platform, which will transform our organization into a global online community in the coming years.

Finally, we experienced the incredible energy of an AIESEC International Congress, with over 1,000 youth leaders from 120 countries. There were great sessions and world-class parties!

Our four days together in Gurgaon were full of inspiration, learning, and friendship, as only AIESECers can do. As we left India, all of us were replenished with the AIESEC spirit and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Come join us on this journey and experience the magic of your lifelong connection to AIESEC!

Andrew G. Rowe, President,
AIESEC Alumni International

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