Latin NAAs and RAA Sign The Charter Strategic Partnership Agreement

As reported in our recent AAI Newsletter, AIESEC Alumni Colombia unanimously approved the adoption of the Charter Strategic Partnership Agreement with AAI and became the first NAA (national alumni association) in the world to sign The Charter, fully endorsing the Integrated Organization Initiative that is a core component of the AAI Transformation Project.

Within a few days of this great news, AAI received signed Charter Agreements from AIESEC Alumni Iberoamérica (AAIB) and AA Uruguay.  Several other Latin countries are considering it as well.

AAI’s Integrated Organization Initiative is now gathering momentum around the globe, with Asian and European countries expressing support for the initiative and their willingness to sign The Charter.  AAI is in discussions with individual NAAs on how to flexibly transition to the new membership structure, which was strongly endorsed at the AAIC in Mexico and previous AAIMs.

Our collective goal is to integrate RAAs and NAAs into a global framework with integrated membership, in preparation for the launch of AlumNet.

Is your NAA ready to join this effort?




One reply on “Latin NAAs and RAA Sign The Charter Strategic Partnership Agreement”

  1. Dear AAI friends:

    It has been remarkable for several Colombian Alumni to accompany and be part of putting together a new AAI mindset. The long-awaited dream of unleashing the “dormant giant” of alumni potential is very near to become a vital reality. It requires persistent and committed leaders. I think we are finally ready.
    No surprise that AIESEC ALUMNI COLOMBIA be the first national association to sign this agreement. VP Guillermo Herrera, the national AAC board and the general assembly had not much to discuss on the matter: we were absolutely aligned.

    Cheers from Cali !!!

    Oscar Ayala A.

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