Be a part of the Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative for a better world.

Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative WebinarWith support from AAI (AIESEC Alumni International), AIESEC Life (the United States’ Alumni Association) is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, December 1 to spread the word about the new Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative (GALI) and to generate interest in participation.

The purpose of GALI is to rekindle our passion for impact, and to re-engage AIESEC alumni to act in bettering our world. We have all witnessed how powerful things can become when passion channeled into action when we were in AIESEC and making a difference in the world. Current events show that the world still needs responsible leaders. With a million alumni and strong support from AIESEC International, we want to make a difference as an alumni network! Currently, grassroots initiatives have already found their way into Bogota, Bucharest, Kyiv, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, and the goal is to mobilize hundreds of cities in action by the end of 2016.

Our vision is that these grassroots initiatives will stimulate local leadership action, identify lessons learned, and support current AIESEC alumni works such as leadership roundtables, professional connections, meet ups, mentoring and more.

Starting in 2018, grassroots initiatives across the world will eventually culminate into a Global Citizens Forum, which is to take place once every three years. The Global Citizens Forum shall address global leadership challenges based on three main themes: young people’s perspective on leadership development and a look on challenges ahead ; alumni’s experience around the world, bringing in best case practices in activating leadership at a local level, as well as bringing together current AIESEC members, alumni and top leaders from the business, government, academic and social sectors under one roof.

The webinar is led by Ken Phillips, US NCP (MCP) in 1964-66 and a member of the Board of Advisors for AAI (AIESEC Alumni International). Ken will delve deeper into the history and purpose of the Initiative as well as discuss future goals for GALI. He will be joined by Amine Lazreg, current LCP of AIESEC Boston. A Q&A session will follow.

Join us in creating an initiative that will forge a better world based on our shared experiences and values! You can participate by phone or by accessing the link below.

Time:  GMT [1 am] Boston & Bogota [8 pm]  and Mumbai [6:30 am]

Register  here.

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