ISUM by AAI: Space for Alumni & Startups

The ISUM Objective:   To bring entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals together to create new, private or social, global business.

What are the benefits of organizing an ISUM?

First of all, it is a great way to engage and activate your local, national, and regional Alumni Network. You present AIESEC Alumni’s potential and leadership to many different stakeholders like entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, universities, private companies, and the government. ISUMs are a perfect way to foster AIESEC values and goals, including international leadership, entrepreneurship, and networking.

To know more, join the ISUM Group, the official community for all alumni interested in startups and entrepreneurship!  There, you will find an open space for networking, promoting events, and news for all our alumni involved in the startup field.

Within the group, you will find different startups’ events, news from other startups, summits for scholarships, and success moments from different alumni worldwide.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Many members have benefited from their participation. Here are just a few examples:

  • An alumni from Germany has raised more than $100K to launch his project in Spain.
  • An alumni from Romania has won a global challenge to develop a startup focus in cultural understanding and respect.
  • An alumni from Venezuela has won an international program to participate in a Chile’s investor program.
  • A Peruvian alumni raised $240K to develop a startup accelerator in the country.

We have two great events being organized this year:
July in Manila, Philippines, and November in Reims, France.

AIESEC Alumni Startups – Let’s Connect!

Networking is a top priority on the mind of almost anyone working in the startup field and also in the mind of any AIESEC Alumnus. If you share this concern, AAI has developed a program for you called ISUM. It enables all alumni involved or interested in startups to connect with fellow entrepreneurs worldwide.

We are here to help you network!

We have three different ways to promote networking. First you should approach our FB Page, “ISUM by AAI”. Then you can participate in a virtual networking meeting. Finally, you can participate in or organize one of our startup programs: ISUM Congress – a program for sharing knowledge and networking with other colleagues around the startup field!

How can I do ISUM Congress?

It´s quite easy. If you are interested, don´t hesitate to contact us. Below is a list of activities you should consider when organizing a START-UP meeting. Indeed, if you need support on any on these topics, don´t hesitate to email us, and we will be glad to support you.

Have a conference place (university, office, coffee shop). Connect with alumni or external people for speakers. Invite people who are interested (internal or external). Advertise their startups (physically or globally). Develop an agenda and share it with us.

It’s easy, right? If you have any questions, you can contact [email protected]. Here is the “ISUM Guide”, a reference of past ISUMs, but we are talking startups – you can innovate and improve the process.

If you want to be the ambassador of your region, let us know. Keep sharing the voice, and let’s make the biggest worldwide startup network!

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