Integrated Membership Development and Growth – Moscow workshop results

One of the key steps we need to take to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential is to create alignment among the various alumni entities worldwide.

As agreed at AAIM Hungary in February, a crucial enabler here is the concept of Integrated Membership, whereby alumni don’t simply join AAI or individual national associations… they effectively become global alumni members.  We had a very productive discussion on this at AAIM Moscow.

Click HERE to read our AAIM workshop report.

Sudeep Malhotra
Director of Membership and Executive Board member
AIESEC Alumni International

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  1. It actually makes sense to gather alumni through Regions -RAAs- specially in large or parts of the world where countries have common languages or have developed socio-economic agreements, such as the EC. Nevertheless, this poses a particular problem for fee allocation between 2 or 3 sides or scenarios for providing effective services having too low fees. .
    My way to look at it is to let services develop and divide fee accordingly to actual services’ providers on equal basis. I think that Services’ fees quoted for the services-programs-events themselves should better reflect the cost structures of them, rather than having ‘bulky’ Membership fees. A priori I think that actual Local and National Associations are more likely to bear most of the expenses.

  2. adminPatricia Ralston says:

    Thanks for the very interesting report. At the last Latin American Alumni Congress we had the same discussion and we even talked about the alternatives with David on a conference call.
    I believe the inclusion of the Regional Level is a must, at least for us. We are developing strong connections between NAAs and network is being developed between alumni members thanks to the regional office efforts, this is an important component of the value that can be offered to new members.
    Maybe it’s a matter of building a fee structure where members can escalate starting with a fee that covers only the local membership for the first year or so, and then a higher fee that includes the regional and the international membership.
    I guess we will be hearing a lot on the issue in the coming days.

  3. Impressive and most efficient agenda has prepared to elaborate AAIM workshop report which is completely a new concept for me.Good review of Key-points of integrated membership development and growth.

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