IC and AIM India: Call for Sponsors

For globally minded businesses, there are few opportunities that rival AIESEC’s international congress and Alumni International Meeting in terms of international reach and audience quality.

There is more than one way to engage with us.


Sponsor Us

By enabling our not-for-profit model to organize the elaborate 10-day conference, you can gain access to our global talent pool and give your business a truly global platform right from India.

Partner with us

Can you add value to the ambitious, high-quality delegate experience we are looking at delivering to every AIESECer at International Congress this year? Partner with us and promote your business, services, or products.

Amplify Us

Looking for an event that can elevate the genre of your target audience from your peer media groups? Your support with media relations for International Congress can help our purposeful message reach a larger audience.


An opportunity to access our international alumni pool of over 400 corporations from 40+ countries. Promote your products and services through sessions, hosting conversation spaces, commercials, and a lot more.

Find out more about how to get engaged with us today!

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