Happy Birthday, Victor!

VictorPlease join AIESEC Alumni International in sending our best wishes to Victor Loewenstein today on the occasion of his milestone birthday.

Victor is well known by AIESECers as a tireless and inspirational supporter of AIESEC and its alumni movement. Victor’s ties with AIESEC began when he founded the LC at University of Edinburgh, where he was studying business. Before long, he became Secretary General of International AIESEC Secretariat (1961-1962).

AIESEC’s many achievements that year under Victor’s leadership included the expansion of AIESEC’s presence in Latin America and obtaining AIESEC’s consultative status to UNESCO. Victor became an International Senior Member of AIESEC in 1962.

As an alum, Victor was President of AIESEC Alumni Association (AAI’s predecessor organization) in 1965 and was a founding member of AIESEC Alumni International in 1986, serving on more than one occasion as its president.  He participated for many years as a member of AIESEC International’s Supervisory Group and was inducted into AIESEC’s Alumni Hall of Fame in 2000. Victor describes his role in AIESEC today as an opportunity for giving back to the association that has given him so much.

We at AIESEC Alumni International owe Victor a special debt of gratitude.  At an AAI event in Mexico City in 2011, Victor formed an international working group whose goal was to lay the groundwork for unleashing AIESEC’s global alumni potential, and we have been working to implement the blueprint that came out of that effort ever since.  Victor continues to be a great source of inspiration and counsel to us, always willing to share his time and wisdom as we push ahead.

We send our best wishes to you, Victor, on your extra special day, and we  look forward to seeing you and Mady next month at our AAI Congress in Vienna!

Yours truly,
AIESEC Alumni International

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  1. And much more than the well wrote and excelent semblanza of Victor.. In Mexico he arrived in April 1963 when we had just started AIESEC and played a very important role in our succsess. Bravo querido amigo, PLP

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