Global Leadership Roundtable

glrOne of the great opportunities AIESEC Alumni offers to its members is ongoing opportunities to connect with and learn from exceptional leaders.

AIESEC Alumni in the Philippines organize the Global Leadership Roundtable (GLR) which is a very effective way to do just that.

The event takes the shape of a gathering over lunch at the home of a CEO with 12 AIESEC Alumni in attendance. This small group environment provides an intimate atmosphere ideal for substantive conversations about leadership.

The guests introduce themselves; then the CEO has a short talk that is followed by a questions and answers session. The entire duration of the event is about two hours.

The objective of the GLR is to identify key leadership competencies for global success and the challenges to demonstrate these consistently and sustainably. At the same time, GLR aims to help build the AIESEC Alumni organization’s global leadership competency model.

To learn more about the GLR please look up this short presentation.

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