Gamma Gathering 2017 Recap

GAMMAGAMMA is the acronym for Global Alumni Meet for MCPs and AIs from 1997-1999. It serves as a platform for MCPs, AIs, and others who were present at IPM 98, IC 98, and IPM 99 to network, share ideas and resources, and have fun. Reunions are held every two years.

So far, GAMMA has met in the following locations: Tioman, Malaysia (2001);: Lithuania (2003); Lisboa, Portugal (2005); Miami, USA (2007); Lisboa, Portugal (2013); Playa del Carmen, Mexico (2015); and Druskininkai, Lithuania (2017).

The next one is planned for Bali, Indonesia, in 2019.

Currently, there are around 200 alumni within GAMMA who are in close contact and collaboration.

For the 2017 edition of the GAMMA gathering, around 40 alumni met in the beautiful nature of Lithuania @ Druskininkai, where Paulius Lukauskas and his wife Inga, along with an outstanding OC, organized an excellent week for all the attendees.

The agenda included personal updates, socializing, outdoor activities, sightseeing, various working groups on relevant topics, and of course, fun and party!

Everybody was grateful for the continuing AIESEC journey, as well as the sustainable and robust network within GAMMA, collaborating and supporting each for over 16 years.

We’re very much looking forward to the coming years and activities to undertake, together!

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