European Startup Scene


After 12 years building startups in Montreal, Los Angeles, and Palo Alto, I decided to reconnect with my Hungarian roots and learn about the startup scene in Budapest.

Last year, I attended the Budapest edition of Startup Safary. It was a two-day event with concurrent sessions happening all over the city; in total, there were 147 events in 50 venues. It was like an AIESEC conference on steroids,  minus the roll-calls.

In the evening, I got to attend a VIP dinner with not only government officials, but the who’s who of the local tech scene. I had fascinating conversations that gave me an insight into how the different generations of Hungarians see the world of startups and innovation – see the parallels and contrasts between Hungary and North America.

Being familiar with both the startup culture of Silicon Valley as well as the Hungarian culture and language allowed me to bridge the two worlds and help entrepreneurs on both ends.

This year, there are several exceptional opportunities to network or gain visibility in the European startup scene. Below are some upcoming events.

I can help alumni and their friends with high-level introductions, business advice and access to skilled technical talent. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

Some well known startups from Europe

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