Creative ways to help your fellow man

Donating is just one way to help, sometimes creativity goes a long way

Nobody lives in the same conditions. One person might live in a million dollar house while another has to sleep on cardboard. One person might spend thousands of dollars on his pet; another might only earn only 3-5 dollars a day, just enough to stay alive.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to help. For example, in Turkey, when we buy bread from a bakery, we’ll buy an extra one for a homeless person. We’ll put it in the basket or plastic bag outside of the bakery, and if someone needs it, they can take a free loaf from the container. Another way we help? We place prominent clothing hangers on streets. If there’s a piece of cloth or clothing you don’t use anymore, leave it there and let someone take it.

Donating money to charities is the easiest way, of course, but some creativity goes a long way. I guess that other countries are doing it in different ways that fit with their cultural norms.

The world never became equal for anyone and it never will, but when we see examples like the one below(1), we see compassion. We could all benefit from a little empathy. How do you help people in need?

Drafted by Oguz Yilmazlar. Produced by the AAI Content Team


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