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AAI Nominations Committee Report for 2016

In May 2016, AAI’s Executive Board reached out to AAI members for advice and consent on the procedures and appointments for the 2016 elections. Following this member outreach, the EB appointed the following Nominations Committee: Christiane Stein, Germany; David Epstein, USA, chair; Felipe Cárdenas, Colombia; Lionel Simons (UK/USA), Øyvind Sørbrøden, Norway, and Victoria Mah, Malaysia.  Christiane Stein was promoted to vice chair during the committee’s work.  We note that Felipe Cárdenas was unable to continue his active participation in the NomCom due to travel and the press of business.

The Nominations Committee extends heartfelt thanks to Ken Phillips and his past NomCom teams for the benefit of the work they did in past years (including passing on to us what they learned along the way) and to current EB member Martín Branchi, who gave us valuable advice every step of the way.

Available Executive Board Positions|
There are seven [7] positions on the AAI Executive Board to fill in the 2016 election following the expansion of the EB by one member that was voted by the 2015 AAI Congress and the EB resignations over the past year of Guillermo Herrera (Class of 2017), Geraldine Low (Class of 2017), Antonilo Mauricio (Class of 2018) and Hugo Preciado (Class of 2018). The seven positions to be filled include three 3-year terms (Class of 2019), two 2-year terms (Class of 2018) and two 1-year terms (Class of 2017). Martín Branchi (Class of 2017), and Susanne Pfeuffer (Class of 2018, who has been on a leave of absence since early 2016), are continuing as EB members.

The Nominations Committee’s Work
The NomCom adhered to the published schedule and procedures. As chair, I would like to acknowledge with appreciation the very extensive and effective outreach made to potential candidates by members of the NomCom, the EB and other AAI members.  The result was complete submissions by twenty-five [25] candidates for consideration, which is believed to be a record for AAI. Of these 25 candidates, two [2] withdrew during NomCom deliberations due to unforeseen work obligations, and an additional six [6] candidates withdrew after the NomCom formed its recommendations but before publishing this report. The net number of active EB candidates is therefore seventeen [17].

The NomCom is responsible for giving AAI members its best guidance since it is entrusted to ‘nominate and recommend’ candidates for election. Accordingly, the NomCom sought the best talent, experience and commitment for the various responsibilities on the EB. NomCom members reviewed the candidate submissions, letters of reference and other documents submitted and interviewed each candidate.

To fulfill this responsibility, the NomCom did extensive work this year to align its vetting system with what AAI has learned to be the key success factors (KSF) of successful EB members.  These KSF include: 1) motivation; 2) availability; 3) AAI understanding and vision; 4) cultural fit; 5) likelihood of adding value; 6) likely staying power; 7) interest level and skill set among 12 different task areas; 8) English language skills; and 9) demonstrated values. We looked closely to determine the most qualified, most likely candidates to work hard on the EB, and best team players with complementary skills and interests to the continuing EB. It was important for the NomCom to keep in mind that currently there is no paid staff for AAI and that EB members are responsible for tasks and implementation in addition to strategy and policy.

Resignations and Leaves of Absence
The NomCom was sensitive to the fact that there were four resignations from the Executive Board over the past year and that one continuing EB member has been on an extended leave of absence.  There has been a range of causes, but the result is that a majority of EB members elected last year have not served out their terms, putting a burden on the remaining EB members and on AAI as a whole, making progress towards AAI’s goals more challenging.

As a result, the Nominations Committee refined its interview processes with the goal of making resignations less likely in the years to come.  The NomCom recommends that a leave of absence from the EB should be strongly discouraged and, if absolutely necessary, should be for a specific event and for a defined, very brief duration. The NomCom believes that is in AAI’s best interest to ensure that candidates understand the seriousness of their commitment and that future EBs feel empowered to hold team members accountable for serving in their agreed capacity.  In most cases, if elected EB members cannot or will not serve, then appropriate actions should be considered, including resignation.

The Nominations Committee’s Recommendations
We have an impressive set of candidates this year. After much analysis and discussion, the NomCom decided on the following three different recommendation levels for the nominees:

  • “Strong recommendation”: Nominees who best demonstrated their readiness for the EB.
  • “Recommendation”: Other nominees who demonstrated their readiness for the EB
  • “Recommendation for Management Team this year instead of for the Executive Board”: Nominees who show promise for the EB but who the NomCom believes would benefit from serving on AAI’s management team this coming year before potentially re-applying for the EB next year.

Further below, we provide summary information for each nominee plus a link to their submissions, letters of reference, ‘campaign speeches’ and other documents submitted.

The NomCom has determined to nominate seventeen [17] candidates for election to the seven [7] open posts, of which: “strongly recommend” five [5] candidates, “recommend” seven [7] candidates and “recommend for the management team this year instead of the EB” five [5] candidates.  All are talented, strongly committed alumni, and we did not recommend against any of them. We believe the members should make the final decision on the elections from among these nominees.

Accordingly, in the official AAI ballot for elections in 2016, AAI members are asked to vote for up to seven [7] candidates from the following nominees:

The NomCom “strongly recommends”:
Agnieszka Ciewierz, Alexander GJ Tichy, Andrew Rowe, Marco Villa and Roger Lo.
This group includes 1 woman and 4 men; 2 candidates from Western Europe and 1 candidate each from Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe and North America, and they reflect a range of AIESEC generations.

The NomCom recommends”:
Alexander Reinhold, Anca Afloroaei, Farhan Ali Mirza, Homero Villarreal, Krisztian Hackl, Mutembei Kariuki and Patrick Sigurdsson.
This group includes 1 woman and 6 men; 2 candidates each from Eastern Europe, North American and Western Europe, and 1 candidate from Africa, and they reflect a broad range of AIESEC generations.

The NomCom recommends for the Management Team this year instead of for the Executive Board:
Andrew Earl Wampler, Gaurav Sharma, Mohamed Arous, Ruy Bueno de Arruda Camargo Neto and Verineia Codrean.
This group includes 1 woman and 4 men; 1 candidate each from Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America and MENA.  They, too, reflect a broad range of AIESEC generations.

2016 Executive Board Election and Ballot
The 2016 AAI election for EB members will be held on August 21, 2016 at the AAI Congress in Warsaw, Poland. The Convocation for the Congress invites current members to vote electronically or by correspondence before the Congress or in person or by proxy at the Congress. Any new AAI members up to August 18, 2016 will receive the ballot information on voting on that date. Electronic voting and voting by correspondence close on August 18, 2016. The ballot also includes brief information on each nominee and links to materials submitted.

Please vote for up to and no more than seven [7] candidates for election to the Executive Board of AAI. According to the AAI Statutes, only current members of AAI can vote and you can vote only for candidates nominated by the Nominations Committee. Please see summary information on the candidates below, and click on their names to see much more detailed info, including candidate videos.  You may also download the candidate profile sheets as a zip file by clicking here.

The AAI NomCom “strongly recommends” the following nominees (in alphabetical order):

  • Agnieszka Ciewierz.  Nationality: Polish. Residence: Lodz, Poland.  Professional: Tour leader in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries for Rainbow Tours (2010-present). AIESEC: National Support Team (2014), LCVP Incoming Exchange (2013/14), LCVP Talent Management (2013/14), OCP Diversity – Incoming Exchange Reception (2012), EP in Peru (2011) – workshops on activating leadership, EP in China (2011) – workshops on incoming tourism management.  Awards included LC Role Model Award (2013) and Best GCDP Positioning Award by MC Poland (2014).  AIESEC Alumni: Created Local Alumni Coordinator position in Lodz; National Onboarding Coordinator of AIESEC Alumni in Poland.  Vision for AAI: AAI should be a strong network of people from various social and cultural backgrounds who continue making a change in the world and who support younger generations in their quest to become change agents themselves.  Focus on the EB: Relationship with AI (including onboarding process for new alumni) and the development and promotion of relevant AAI programs that will encourage more alumni to act.  EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Will attend in person.
  • Alexander GJ Tichy.  Nationality: Austrian.  Residence: Austria.  Professional: Managing Director of the RADIX Group (2002-present).  AIESEC: LC Vienna EB (1994/96); MC Austria (1996/98); AI (1996/00, including support).  AIESEC Alumni: Director of Marketing Communications, AAI (2015-present); AIESEC Alumni Austria, President (2000/03).  Vision for AAI: Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential.  Focus on the EB: Making sure that the team is successful in accomplishing its goals and communicating them effectively to our global association. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Will attend in person.
  • Andrew Rowe.  Nationality: American.  Residence: Portland, USA.  Professional: 35 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and investor. Currently CEO of AllMed Healthcare Management. AIESEC: AI VP (1980/81), started AIESEC Costa Rica (1979), Chaired IPM (1982), elected International Senior Member.  AIESEC Alumni: AAI EB Member for 5 years, of which President for 2+ years. Original team member in the development and execution of the AAI Transformation Project. Architect of AAI Signature Programs, AlumNet, raised first round the AAI Seed Fund, built the AAI volunteer team, organization and functions. Vision for AAI: Building an active global leadership network, where hundreds of thousands of AIESECers connect, collaborate and contribute to a better world.  Focus on the EB: I propose to serve as Past President for 1 year only, bringing important institutional memory to the new EB and President, serving as an advisor to the next President and EB, and taking on a few specific tasks if asked.  EB term availability: 1 year.  Warsaw Congress: Will attend in person.
  • Marco Villa.  Nationality: Italian. Residence: Milan, Italy.  Professional: Partner of Training Factor, an international consulting group specialising in leadership and innovation. Owner and Managing Director of a boutique venture firm specialising in equity investments in high-potential start-ups. Business angel and a co-founder of Italian Angels for Growth. AIESEC: AIESEC in Milano Cattolica, Italy (1990/91); Exchange Controller (1991/92); LCP (1992/93); National Training Team (1993/94); NCVPI (1994/95); AIESEC International Support Team (1997/98); Traineeship with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United Kingdom (1999/2000).  AIESEC Alumni: Active alumnus for the past 20+ years; chaired various conferences in Italy and abroad (including IPM); Member of the AI Supervisory Group (2003/05); Inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame (2004); Recipient of the Italian Alumni Contribution Award (twice), Vice President of AIESEC Alumni Italia (2012/14); Presently Senior Advisor of AIESEC Alumni Italia and member of the Supervisory Group of AIESEC in Italy.  Vision for AAI: To fully awake the sleeping giant and become bigger, better, more relevant and more connected than any other Alumni organisation on the planet could ever dream to be.  Focus on the EB: NAA and RAA development, capitalizing on training skills, extensive international travel and specific interest in GALI, ISUM and A Groups. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years. Warsaw Congress: Will attend in person.
  • Roger Lo.  Nationality: Taiwanese. Residence: Taipei, Taiwan.  Professional: Working at Yahoo to support executive team on strategic initiatives and facilitate critical business operations across Asia Pacific region.  AIESEC: MCP of AIESEC in Taiwan (2010/11); Facilitator of international conferences in Vietnam, Austria and Taiwan.  AIESEC Alumni: Mentorship of AIESEC in Taiwan and Chairperson at international conferences.  Vision for AAI: AAI will be one of the most influencing, impactful, and powerful organizations in the world with the commitment to improving the state of the world. Focus on the EB: To build up and strengthen our partnership and network with world leading organizations, companies and institutions, and to initiate and facilitate international start-up meetings and connect to current AIESEC team on co-op AIESEC internship referral. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Will attend in person.

The AAI NomCom also “recommends” the following nominees (in alphabetical order):

  • Alexander Reinhold.  Nationality: German. Residence: Munich, Germany. Professional: Managing Director in early stage technology company (2015/16), established and managed sales funnel and over 150 sales leads. Lead joint development with customer’s innovation teams of business cases for new products. Management Consulting (2007-2015), worked in the Americas, China, Europe and Japan on various projects in Energy and TMT on re-organization, transformation and strategy. AIESEC: Founding LCP of AIESEC Aberdeen (2004/05); Most Improved Committee in AIESEC UK (Nomination); Founding member of AIESEC UK internal Consulting team (2005/06).  AIESEC Alumni: Experience sporadic, mainly driven through personal contacts. Vision for AAI: To become the world’s most impactful alumni organization, involving and connecting members with roles in privately owned companies, governmental institutions and educational bodies. The alumni organization has a massive network of aspiring and accomplished individuals with a desire to make a difference. I would like to see various networks, laterally between same generations across industries/ governments and educational organizations as well as vertically, giving the opportunity for generations to learn and benefit from each other.  Focus on the EB: Strategic partnership development and HR. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Cannot attend in person.
  • Anca Afloroaei.  Nationality: Romanian.  Residence: Bucharest, Romania.  Professional: Trainer, Facilitator and Coach and Project Manager of EURACTIV, Romania.  AIESEC:  AIESEC Austria – National Support Team Leadership Program Director (2013/14); AIESEC Chios, Greece – LCVP HR (2012/13); AIESEC Bucharest, Romania – Team Leader, Global Internships Quality Sector (2011/12).  AIESEC Alumni: Have continued my contribution to the development of newer AIESEC generations as a trainer, facilitator and coach on international conferences (focusing on leadership development, development of trainers or burning matters in society) in different parts of the world. Also contributing to the Transition Project, as part of the Transformation Project. Currently working on the action steps to be implemented for the Transition from AIESEC to AIESEC Alumni Project.  Vision for AAI: Activating global leaders among AIESEC alumni and bridging the gap between them, especially across generations, cultures and countries for a greater positive impact in the world, under AIESEC values.  Focus on the EB: AA Leadership Development Program; Coaching & Mentoring Program; Transition from AIESEC to AIESEC Alumni; and tracking current projects run around the world by AIESEC Alumni Communities.  EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: May attend part of Congress in person.
  • Farhan Ali Mirza.  Nationality: American. Residence: Los Angeles, USA. Professional: Multi-dimensional global operations executive who provides a multicultural perspective and operational process excellence skill set to drive efficiencies across the product lifecycle within highly complex, multinational automotive, industrial and energy environments. AIESEC: Supported the awareness and marketing of the Hyderabad, India chapter. Created an interactive survey sheet for involvement of the student community.  AIESEC Alumni: Got involved with the Los Angeles chapter recently and have volunteered to mentor and coach college graduates. Vision for AAI: To listen to the voice of the members and alumni and incorporate that voice into the national and local chapters.  Focus on the EB:  Fundraising.  EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Cannot attend in person.
  • Homero Villarreal.  Nationality: American. Residence: New Canaan, USA. Professional: During my career I moved from a HR Management Intern to become a senior advisor to Division Presidents and CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. My accomplishments include being the voice for organizational change to help companies get to the next level in their development. AIESEC: I was an officer in our local chapter at university and supported our goal of raising enough jobs in Houston so our entire membership could go on an internship, as well as recruited underclassmen as new members.  AIESEC Alumni: My AIESEC experience was in Barcelona Spain where I was part of a very international group of interns, about 20 students from 10 different countries, including Japan. It was a truly life changing in that I acquired a global perspective as I met new people with very different mores than mine. This experience set the tone for my work life after university, since after Barcelona I wanted a global career; and I succeeded in that effort. Vision for AAI: To help create a global network of alums that are active participants in fostering a global network for themselves, as well as a support system for new alums entering the global labor market. Focus on the EB: Change management, to align AAI’s execution in order to achieve its strategic objectives and to get to the next step in its evolution. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Cannot attend in person.
  • Krisztian Hackl.  Nationality: Hungarian. Residence: Budapest, Hungary (and partly in New York, USA).  Professional: Sales at various financial companies, running my own consulting SME, raising fund for and managing early phase (startup) companies and mid-term projects. Strong in sales, consulting, business development by networking and managing projects. AIESEC: Founder of LC Szeged and LCP (1997/98); Trainee at the I-Can foundation in South Africa (1999); MC VP Hungary, responsible for Xchange development (ICX) – (2000/01); National Support for MC Hungary as trainer and coach (2002); Projects team leader on mainly local and national level (2003/04). AIESEC Alumni:  Since 2004, Involved in organising nearly all alumni event in the LC, have been a support for many of the MC teams over years. Actively participating in national alumni events and has always been supporting the alumni to alumni network to turn meetings into business opportunities – both in my business and in connecting peers to peers.  Vision for AAI: For many years I’ve thinking, the world should be run by decisions made in a global discussion of responsible people. Later on, I thought, AIESEC should work like that. Now I think AAI shall, and that is a heritage AAI can lend to the alumni, to AIESEC and to the world as well. Focus on the EB: PROGRAMMES, especially ISUM.  EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Will attend in person.
  • Mutembei Kariuki.  Nationality: Kenyan. Residence: Kobe, Japan.  Professional: Project Manager (now Advisor) for building of an industrial waste treatment plant that was initiated during my 2012 GIP in Japan. Also, designed and led experiential trainings for corporate leaders, and ran operations across the Acumen East Africa fellows’ leadership program.  AIESEC: AIESEC International Global Partnerships Coordinator based in India, organizing and facilitating seminars on social entrepreneurship in India, Kenya, Uganda and Brazil (2010/11); AIESEC Austria National Vice President Talent Management (2009/10); LCP AIESEC CUEA, Kenya (2006/08), NaLDS Germany Facilitator (2008). AIESEC Alumni: Japan – Hosted Social Entrepreneurship and leadership session for Students in AIESEC University of Tokyo (2012); Kenya – Active founding member of new AIESEC Kenya Alumni Association and Chaired National Elections Conferences for AIESEC Kenya (2012/2013); participated in numerous review boards for LCEB and MCEB candidates in Kenya; Chairperson for AIESEC CUEA Advisory Board (2013); mentor for MCEB and LCEB in Kenya to assist AIESEC Alumni to find and to revive ALUMnite meetings.  Vision for AAI: To have 1 Million active AIESEC alumni representing every country in the world connected and engaged in ethical leadership in Business, Government and other industries.  Focus on the EB: Entrepreneurship, network building and ethics initiatives. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Cannot attend in person.
  • Patrick Sigurdsson.  Nationality: Icelandic.  Residence: Paris, France.  Professional: Deloitte (audit and management consulting), KPMG Peat Marwick Consulting, Founder and CEO of Amadeus Consultants (Real Estate consulting) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Founder and CEO of BNPParibas Real Estate Consultants, Founder and CEO of Aktis Partners (current), MRICS.  AIESEC: CCP Belgium (1979), EE Togo 1980 and implementation of AIESEC in Togo, IHM, Chairman International Congress Germany (~1982). AIESEC Alumni: International Congress in Malta, personal contacts with alumni.  Vision for AAI: A dynamic professional network between professionals having a common attachment, a bridge between senior and junior AIESECers. Fun, Business, Value added. Focus on the EB: International network and fundraising development. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Cannot attend in person.

The AAI NomCom recommends for the management team this year instead of the Executive Board the following nominees (in alphabetical order):

  • Andrew Earl Wampler.  Nationality: Swiss.  Residence: Crassier, Switzerland.  Professional: 29+ year career at UBS where my responsibilities and title grew, culminating as MD (through 2008). Chief Investment Officer for a large Family Office/Independent Asset Manager in Geneva (2008/14).  AIESEC: President of AIESEC Seattle, recognised as Most Improved LC in 1984. AIESEC US VP Marketing (1983/84) and NCP (1984/85).  AIESEC Alumni: Spoke at an AIESEC Meeting in Poland (not sure what year) representing UBS. Daughter did a traineeship in India (2013). Vision for AAI: Overall goal must be “reconnecting” the objectives, vision, global interconnectivity and impact of AIESEC on the business and socially responsible aspects of the world we live in. Focus on the EB: Seeking impact within the NGO, not-for-profit sector in order to impact the lives of those in other countries that may not have access to water, healthcare, education, financial support, and entrepreneurial initiative. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Will attend in person.
  • Gaurav Sharma.  Nationality: Indian.  Residence: Jaipur, India  Professional: Operations Analyst – Made a difference of major revenue for the co-working business in last quarter. AIESEC: LCVP oGIP (2013/14), VP Finance & Legal (2014), NST (7 Roles) with AIESEC Russia and India (2013/14), LCP (2015). AIESEC Alumni: Currently working with a startup as operational Analyst and, in parallel, validating my startup idea validation in the field of solid waste management. Vision for AAI: To strengthen the network connection by engaging every alumnus. Focus on the EB: AlumNet, specifically collating alumni data since the inception, analysing it, clustering it as per the patterns and getting it live on website where people can access each other for their business development or other supports. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Cannot attend in person.
  • Mohamed Arous.  Nationality: Tunisian.  Residence: Sfax, Tunisia.  Professional: Freelance consultant and trainer.  AIESEC: VP Logistics National Development Seminar 2013, Editor-in-chief AIESEC Sfax Magazine, National Train the Trainer Alumni (NTT), President of Educational Project Perform to Learn. AIESEC Alumni: Extensive involvement in initiatives that are aligned with AIESEC values. Vision for AAI: My vision for AAI is where every youth attains the opportunity to personal development, national and regional growth and participation in change making through development of AIESEC hubs and developing capacities and networks of alumni. Focus on the EB: Fundraising and NAA and RAA development in the MENA region.  EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Cannot attend in person.
  • Ruy Bueno de Arruda Camargo Neto.  Nationality: Brazilian.  Residence: São Paulo, Brazil.  Professional: Senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in strategy, operations, marketing & sales; Global experience in Latin America, Canada, Europe & Asia; strong skills in general management, strategy, brand management, innovation, commercial excellence, trade marketing & sales force effectiveness. AIESEC: AIESEC Brazil Regional Marketing Superintendent (1988/90); Participated in the Southern Cone training conference in South America (Uruguay).  AIESEC Alumni: AIESEC Brazil alumnus since 1992 after finishing business administration course at FGV in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Support for and networking with AIESEC new members and events in the country. Vision for AAI: Strong international organization that can leverage its alumni network and generate social impact globally especially in emerging markets.  Focus on the EB: Marketing and developing entrepreneurship ecosystem in Latin America to help young people develop new competencies and to find project and job opportunities.  EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Cannot attend in person.
  • Verineia Codrean.  Nationality: Romanian.  Residence: Guangzhou, China.  Professional: Sales Manager at Mercuris Fine Wines, leading the sales development expansion in the South of China.  AIESEC: Joined AIESEC in 2005, the OGX department. OCVP Reception for a national conference. Alumni Manager where I started a monthly alumni club with accomplished business people as speakers, including one event that up to that date one of the most successful alumni events for our LC.  AIESEC Alumni: Since I’ve moved to China, participated at local and international conferences, planned local alumni meet ups, facilitated business contacts between alumni and my international network, served as a business mentor for local alumni and as a speaker at local events. Project manager for the promotion video for the launch of alumni platform by using my business network. Vision for AAI: Continue creating a powerhouse for AAI, where we can stand together, all 1mln of us, online & offline to become a force of change. For us, leadership is an obligation and I want to bring our power of worldwide connection towards real talk followed by actions. Focus on the EB: Marketing, strategic partnerships, providing value to young alumni, AlumNet. EB term availability: Any, up to 3 years.  Warsaw Congress: Will attend in person.

In Conclusion
As chair, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the many candidates who have stepped up to take a leadership role in helping AIESEC unleash its global alumni potential, in turn promoting leadership for a better world.  AAI needs the support of all of you to achieve its worthy goals, whether on the EB, the AAI management team or working at the local, national or regional level.

I extend my deepest gratitude to my fellow NomCom members, who devoted great care and effort over the past few months to encourage a very strong pool of candidates to run, to interview of all of them diligently (sometimes at very odd hours), and to exercise their very best judgment with the interest of AIESEC Alumni International in mind and at heart.

Thank you, and good luck to the nominees!

Respectfully submitted,
David Epstein
Chair, 2016 AAI Nominations Committee
on behalf of the Nominations Committee


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