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AIESEC Alumni International Congress 2015


March 11, 2015

Dear AAI member,

In keeping with Article 5.2 of the Statutes of the Association, I am pleased to invite you to participate in AAI’s 2015 Annual Congress, which will be held on

April 11, 2015, starting at 9:00am


Axis Ofir Beach Resort Hotel
Av. António Veiga
4740-405 Ofir – Esposende

Though the Congress (legislative session) will take place on Saturday, April 11, 2015, I urge you to join us on April 9th and 10th to participate in AAI presentations and discussions in advance of the legislative session.

The agenda of the Congress is as follows:

  1. Welcome
  1. Ratification of the Congress chairperson, Congress secretary and Congress polling officer and election of second polling officer
  1. Report of the Executive Board to Congress
  1. Administrative items
    1. Motion to approve the Executive Board Report
    2. Motion to expand the Executive Board by one more member from 2016
    3. Motion to determine 25 Euro as the annual membership fee for 2015
    4. Motion to approve the 2015-2016 budget
  1. 2014 matters
    1. Report of the internal auditors on the financial statements for the year 2014
    2. Motion to approve the financial statements for the year 2014
    3. Motion to discharge the Executive Board members and the auditors for their activity during the year 2014
  1. Elections
    1. Motion to elect the new Executive Board members
  1. Close of the Congress

Access to Congress

In line with Article 4 of the AAI Statutes, participation in Congress is limited to AAI Members who have submitted their membership application form and have paid their 2015 membership fee, which can be done by visiting https://aiesec-alumni.org/membership/

Voting Options

AAI members are able to vote for the Executive Board members and for other resolutions, either physically during Congress, or electronically or by correspondence, whether they are at the Congress, or not. You can only choose one option. In case you decide for Electronic Voting or for Correspondence Voting, you have to accept that in case a motion is changed, your vote will be not valid anymore.

Proxy Voting
Members who are not able to attend Congress in Ofir may also give a proxy to another Member who will attend Congress (see articles 5.6. and 8.3. of the AAI Statutes). Please fill in and sign the proxy voting form in order for your voice to be heard and your proxy vote to be accepted. This document will have to be remitted to the Chair at the opening of the legislative part of Congress, on April 11, 2015. For the good order, please also inform the Polling Officer Oliver Carr via email at that you have granted a proxy for the Ofir Congress and to whom. The second polling officer will be elected by the general assembly and get a short introduction on the spot.

Electronic Voting
Members who cannot attend Congress in Ofir may also vote online. In order to do this, you need to register with the Polling Officer, Oliver Carr, by writing an email to: , asking to vote online. The Polling Officer will then send you a personalized link to an online survey, where you can submit your vote. These links will be sent out by 22 March 2015 to all members who have registered up until that point. Members registering after that time will be sent their links at the soonest opportunity after receiving the request.
Note that your votes will not be completely anonymous, as the Polling Officer will be able to track the votes back to the individual registered. He is however duty-bound to keep this a secret from all other people.

Correspondence Voting
In respect to privacy issues, AAI provides one further an alternative way to vote – if you wish, please contact for a ballot form to be returned by email. This form then needs to be filled out, scanned, and sent back by email to the address on the Correspondence Voting form.

Voting Deadlines
In 2015, the ballot for voting both by electronic means and by correspondence will close at 23.59 pm, CEST (Brussels time, UTC + 2:00), on April 9, 2015. The final decision of the election results and votes on other issues resides in the General Assembly of the AAI Congress and reflects [i.e., is determined by] the votes cast by the members [i.e., the totals of all votes cast by electronic means, by correspondence, and in person].

In accordance with Article 5.8 of the Association’s statutes, we inform you about the publication of the Minutes of the Mexico Meeting of March 2014 and the standing orders as approved in Mexico.

In case of questions, we encourage you to send them to prior to the legislative session to provide necessary information and to ensure a most effective meeting.

We have a great deal to accomplish together as an organization next month in Portugal as we advance our efforts to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential and to progress the AAI Transformation Project.

We look forward to your participation, electronically, by correspondence or proxy, or in person in Portugal!


Andrew Rowe
AIESEC Alumni International
On behalf of the Executive Board

Executive Board Candidates

Below you will find a list of the candidates for election to the Executive Board in 2015, with a link to their profiles.

The 2015 Nominations Committee has interviewed all of the candidates and issued a recommendation for the election. This recommendation has been included in the profiles above. The full report of the Nominations Committee may be found here.

AAI takes the privacy of their members very seriously. Therefore, in order to access the profiles, you will need the password that was sent out to members in the convocation e-mail on 11 March 2015. This has been done to protect the information from search engines and other data collection organisations on the Internet. If you have not received this password, please contact .


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