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2016 EB Candidate – Agnieszka Ciecwierz


Name Agnieszka Ciecwierz
Nationality Polish
Residence Lodz, Poland
NomCom Recommendation Strongly recommended
Video Link Watch my video
Professional Career Since 2010 I have been working for Rainbow Tours as a tour leader in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Currently I am also in charge of designing itineraries for VIP and incentive travel customers and managing international communication between the company, regional coordinators and local contractors. I managed to create a friendly work environment in the indigenous communities in various regions South America, which enhanced their growth and the awakening of intercultural curiosity. It resulted in better servicing and increased the level of satisfaction amongst the customers.
AIESEC Experience National Support Team (2014), LCVP Incoming Exchange (2013-2014), LCVP Talent Management (2013-2014), OCP Diversity (Incoming Exchange Reception) (2012), OC Diversity (Incoming Exchange Reception) (2012), EP in Peru (March-June 2011) – workshops on activating leadership, EP in China (January-March 2011) – workshops on incoming tourism management. I elaborated various processes which optimized the incoming exchange processes in our LC and which raised the awareness of the values of our exchange programs within and outside AIESEC. I received many awards, like LC Role Model Award (2013) or Best GCDP Positioning Award by MC Poland (2014).
Alumni Experience I have created the Local Alumni Coordinator position in Lodz, and together with a group of other young Alumni we managed to establish a successful cooperation between the Alumni and the Local Committee. I joined the Polish Alumni Association in order to introduce this function in all LCs in Poland, and I am currently the National Onboarding Coordinator. Meanwhile, I support AIESEC in many ways, for instance by being a Project Head in Logistics for the 68. International Congress in Warsaw, during which I will be in charge of AI logistics and international volunteers management.
What is your vision for AAI? AAI should be as a strong network of people from various social and cultural backgrounds who continue making a change in the world and who support younger generations in their quest to become change agents themselves. I would want the Alumni to share ideas on how to constantly challenge and inspire themselves and others, how to develop on personal and professional level and how to be ambassadors of AIESEC within local societies. I also want to see a group of positive and passionate people of all ages who share similar values and vision and who support AIESEC in the development of their projects.
What skills and perspective would you bring to the Executive Board? My strongest skill is intercultural communication and what I call a “culture-oriented sensitivity”. This perspective could help me relate better to the needs of the representatives of various regions, which would result in a better cooperation when it comes to implementing new international projects in each of them. I care about details, so I would like to ensure that all the initiatives are planned, discussed and introduced with the highest quality level. I like long-term planning and do not get discouraged easily when faced with lack of immediate effects. I focus mostly on action and not words, so I would be opting for having things done.
What, specifically, would you most like to work on as an EB member? I would like to focus on the development and standardization of the onboarding process for the new Alumni so that our network can grow and I want to do this by overseeing the implementation, management and promotion of the AAI programs, such as Global Home Exchange or Global Meet-Ups. My main goal would be to ensure that the projects are relevant on regional level, as this way we will encourage more people to act. I would like to contribute to the transparency of the AAI vision amongst current and former AIESECers by managing the communication between each regions’ representatives, and by supporting the development of national structures.
Are you willing and committed to undertake responsibility for developing, implementing and overseeing specific tasks at AAI? Yes

Comments (optional): 
I am highly motivated to join the AAI Executive Board and I believe that volunteering for other people to grow is the best I can give to the community.

Will you be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly calls? Yes

Comments (optional): 
I have a flexible work schedule and no obstacles to travel abroad. I would gladly attend monthly calls, too.

Please provide (optional) links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing.
Will you be in Warsaw for the election on August 21? Yes
What is your term availability? Available for any term up to three years
Renata Maroszek

Professional experience
More than 20 yrs in marketing management, recent position – CEO of chain of confectionaries in Poland.

AIESEC and Alumni experience
LC Exchange Controller 88/89, NC Exchange Controller 90/91, traineeships in Israel and the USA, currently president of AA Poland

Agnieszka is very dynamic and passionate about AIESEC. She will devote as much time as necessary and work towards success relentlessly.

In short – she has very wide international experience, builds and maintains relationships easily, she knows AIESEC inside-out from practice. In recent months, together with her team, she has organized Alumni relations in her LC and started building her position on the national level. She could very well be a voice of the younger alumni generation in AAI.

Dominika Jastrzębska

Professional experience
Recruitment Specialist

AIESEC and Alumni experience
PR Coordinator, leader for Global Host project and LCVP of Public Relations for 2015/2016 term, now LCP

Our cooperation started when she was LCVP of Exchange and Talent Management in 2013/2014. At that time I was PR Coordinator and she was taking care of synergies between back and front office, then she was coordinating our actions in order to achieve bigger results. She was the one that implemented Host Family program in our LC Łódź. When I became LCP elect, we started to work on local Alumni project. I really admire how engaged she is and how much passion she has for AIESEC. She showed me that AIESEC is not closing for you when you finish your experience, it is just a start. Right now we are in the process for Alumni event planning.

Agnieszka is very supportive and has always wise ideas, her patient and empathy are proving how mature she is. Agnieszka is also taking care of Alumni project nationally, working strictly with AIESEC Alumni Poland Association, putting her heart and lots of time for it. I don’t imagine a better candidate than her to be honest. Additionally, whenever there is an obstacle on my way, I know that I can always contact Agnieszka and she is always there for me with head full of ideas. Without her I wouldn’t be so sure of solving-any-case attitude, as she is showing me it constantly.

Solution oriented, self-aware, empowering others and world citizen – that’s how I would describe Agnieszka. As we all know, those are 4 elements of Leadership Development Model and who can be a better leader than a person with all those 4 features? I believe that Agnieszka’s knowledge, experience and passion for Alumni project would bring lots of benefits for AAI.




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