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2016 EB Candidate – Roger Lo

Name Roger Lo
Nationality Taiwanese
Residence Taipei, Taiwan
NomCom Recommendation Strongly recommended


Video Link Watch my video
Professional Career I am working at Yahoo to support executive team on strategic initiatives and facilitates critical business operations across Asia Pacific region. I am leading the product marketing for Mobile Developer Suite in APAC and grow and achieved 38%+ YoY growth. And also leading the product growth strategy across mobile products in Taiwan (30%+ YoY growth). Prior to joining Yahoo, I worked at APT (Applied Predictive Technologies) where I led the Go-To-Market strategy to grow APT’s business in the region. Before joining APT, I was a global trainee at Google, working with the online sales and operations team in Hyderabad in India.
AIESEC Experience 1) Team leadership: managed Taiwan chapter with 1,200+ members and 15 local offices in 8 cities. Led national executive board of 12 people. 2) Performance accomplishments: generated overall YoY sales growth of 180% and 100K USD in revenue by partnering with P&G, Quanta Computer, Accenture, and Microsoft, etc. Performance ranked No. 8 globally and awarded 2 global recognitions, including UBS excellence performance award and NBBB global alumni social impact project award in 2010. 3) Global connection: represented as the facilitator for 3+ international conferences in Vietnam, Austria, and Taiwan.
Alumni Experience 1) Mentorship to AIESEC national team operation: supported 204 IC operations team on fundraising and AIESEC in Taiwan national leadership team on strategic planning and national conferences operations. 2) Global connection and network building: Represented as the Chairperson for 5+ international conferences in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Taiwan.
What is your vision for AAI? AAI will be one of the most influencing, impactful, and powerful organizations in the world with the commitment to improving the state of the world.
What skills and perspective would you bring to the Executive Board? 1) Strong problem solving and execution ability. 2) strong community outreach and network building ability. I am now a member of Global Shapers Community and acting the director of external relations where I am able to leverage and connect to the network from Global Shapers and World Economics Forum and also YPO (Young President Organization). 3) High level of entrepreneurial spirit.
What, specifically, would you most like to work on as an EB member? 1) To build up and strengthen our partnership and network with identified world leading organizations (e.g. World Economics Forum, Young President Organizations, Forbes 40 under 30…etc.), companies and institutions (e.g. leading business and management schools, like Harvard, Stanford, and London Business School). 2) To initiate and facilitate international start-up meetings and connect to current AIESEC team on co-op AIESEC internship referral.
Are you willing and committed to undertake responsibility for developing, implementing and overseeing specific tasks at AAI? Yes
Will you be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly calls? Yes
Please provide (optional) links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing. LinkedIn


Will you be in Warsaw for the election on August 21? Yes
What is your term availability? Available for any term up to three years

Silvia Yu         

Professional experience
Marketing, Management Consulting

AIESEC and Alumni experience
1991-1992 NCVPX, 1990-1991 LCVP, 1989-1990 active member, 1992-1993 trainers (IC)


I met him from 2009 when he was NCP trying to do fund raising to my previous company while I was the sr. global marketing director. Later he did his traineeship project in Asus while I was leading global brand campaign in Asus.

Roger is a young energetic professional driven by passion. He is proactive, action-driven and a great influencer. He focused on the value creation rather than personal wealth development. He believes in the true international foundation and can bring a lot of different POV to the board from his generation(pre-30’s). He understand the value from the West and can integrate the value from the East. I am sure he can do very well in AAI’s executive board.

He would bring to the board:

·       work: digital, marketing, communication, social marketing, business development, sales, CRM,

·       Personal skills: communication, pitch, speech, sense of humour, proactive, positive, dream chaser

Winston Lin

Professional experience
Founder and President of executive search firm (GreenvineHR)

AIESEC and Alumni experience
MCVP (1996-1997), LCP (1995-1996), AIESEC in Taiwan; Also a representative of Asia Pacific Congress (New Zealand, 1995) and International Congress (Poland, 1996). Advisor of AIESEC International Congress Organizing Committee (Taiwan, 2014). Member of AIESEC Alumni Global Congress (Taipei, 2014)


I have known Roger Lo for 7 years. I knew Mr. Roger Lo when he ran for MCP in AIESEC Taiwan. When he was MCP (2010-2011), I was also served in AIESEC advisory board. We quarterly reviewed operational performance and financial reports with MCP and his staffs.

Mr. Roger Lo is an outstanding young talent with great passion to pursue both his personal career goal and greater mission of global community. Roger Lo is always energetic to bring good cause with a global view to young people. Roger is always willing to share his ideas, his resources, his personal networks with others. These personal qualities make him a good leader that capable of voicing for AIESEC and AIESEC Alumni.

Personal networks across regions. Strategic thinking. Familiar with global causes of youth. Able to connect both senior alumni and younger alumni to foster dialogue and cooperations across generations.

Additional documents provided by the candidate
Roger Lo CV



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