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2016 EB Candidate – Anca Afloroaei

Name Anca Afloroaei
Nationality Romanian
Residence Bucharest, Romania
NomCom Recommendation Recommended
Video Link Watch my video
Professional Career JUN 2014 – Present Trainer, Facilitator and Coach • Over 1,000 hours of practical training experience. • Over 100 hours of practical coaching experience. SEP 2015
– Present EURACTIV, Romania – Project Manager JAN 2015 – MAR 2015 HEYSUCCESS, United Kingdom – Social Media Marketing Intern JUN 2014 – SEP 2014 HEWLETT-PACKARD, Romania – HR Management Associate Intern • Created a Development Plan with concrete actions steps for the new Managing Director. • Received a global award. MAR 2013 – SEP 2013 EURACTIV, Romania – Research Manager JUN 2011 – AUG 2011 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Mauritius Section – Management, HR Internship
AIESEC Experience JUN 2013 – JUL 2014 AIESEC Austria – National Support Team: Leadership Program Director •Created and implemented a National Leadership Development Program •Increased leadership retention by over 100% and the average number of people applying for a leadership position from 0.9 to 1.3 JUN2012 – FEB2013 AIESEC Chios, Greece – Local Committee Vice President, HR •Restructured the local committee by founding a Talent Management Team •Implemented a tracking performance system. Increased member retention rate by 75% •Reaching a 250% membership growth. NOV 2011 – MAY 2012 AIESEC Bucharest, Romania – Team Leader, Global Internships Quality Sector
Alumni Experience After my active AIESEC experience, I still wanted to help, support and stay connected to the organization. I want to have a positive impact on a global scale, thus I continued my contribution to the development of newer AIESEC generations as a trainer, facilitator and coach on international conferences (focusing on leadership development, development of trainers or burning matters in society) in different parts of the world. I have been also contributing to the Transition Project, as part of the Transformation Project. Currently I am still working on the action steps to be implemented for the Transition from AIESEC to AIESEC Alumni Project.
What is your vision for AAI? My vision for AAI is the following: Activating global leaders among AIESEC alumni and bridging the gap between them, especially across generations, cultures and countries for a greater positive impact in the world, under the AIESEC values.
What skills and perspective would you bring to the Executive Board? The top 3 most important elements: • Solution-oriented attitude – I believe there are no problems that one can stumble upon, but only challenges, waiting for solutions to be found and I am always focused on finding them. • Adaptability – Focusing on human development, ss a trainer and coach I have been working both with students, entrepreneurs and managers, adopting different methods to cover their development needs. • My Network – Having a very diverse and fast-growing network represents a great asset, as it offers a broader perspective and better understanding on the burning matters of our society, on what is needed and what can be done.
What, specifically, would you most like to work on as an EB member? As an EB member, I would like to be involved and contribute as much as possible to the organization. It is extremely important to me to see that my actions matter and that they could bring a positive impact on someone’s development. If I were to emphasize only the main directions and projects I would most like to work on, those would be: • AA Leadership Development Program + FOLLOW-UP + Tracking • Coaching & Mentoring Program • Transition from AIESEC to AIESEC Alumni • Creating a database with all the collective information on the current projects run around the world by the AIESEC Alumni Communities .
Are you willing and committed to undertake responsibility for developing, implementing and overseeing specific tasks at AAI? Yes
Will you be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly calls? Yes
Please provide (optional) links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing. LinkedIn


Will you be in Warsaw for the election on August 21? Most probably
What is your term availability? Available for any term up to three years
Ken Phillips     

Professional experience
25 years as executive leader of NGOs, 25 years as consultant for NGOs with assignments in 40+ countries and training workshops for thousands of NGO executives

AIESEC and Alumni experience
Traineeship in Switzerland, LCP at both Princeton and Michigan, chair of AAI committees and the Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative, member of the AAI Board of Advisors


I first met Anca at an ALUMmeeting in Bucharest in November 2015 and have been in touch with her since.

Anca would be an excellent working member of the EB. I am impressed with her dedication and passion for AI and AAI. I am confident she will work hard as an EB member for her full term. As a follow up to the AI-AAI meeting in July 2015, Anca agreed to work on a ‘smooth transition’ from AI youth to AAI alumni. She led this effort, involved a number of other alums, and will produce a report for consideration at the Warsaw AAIC. We need to find ways to attract and involve the different generations of AIESEC alumni. Anca would bring the views of the newer alums into the EB and this would serve to extend AAI’s appeal and grow its membership.

Anca would bring her skills in leadership training and membership motivation as well as the urgently needed youth perspective to the EB. I believe she will be a productive EB member who really gets things done. I give her my fullest endorsement!

Michael Andonie

Professional experience
EDUCATION: Training, Facilitation, Coaching, Hosting on international level for organizations and companies (in Germany, Lithuania, Iran excluding AIESEC) | SOFTWARE DESIGN: Leading and implementing the development of a 2D Game Engine

AIESEC and Alumni experience
Main AIESEC experience is in the field of training, facilitation and coaching. Providing coaching and education for MCs, EBs, entity boards, Members in Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Iran, Turkey, Finnland and many more entities. No particular Alumni experience

I have known Anca for 6 months (working at international conferences I am managing).

Having had the chance to work with Anca as one of my trainers for the National Leadership Development Seminar in Iran, I can say she proved herself to be more than able to deliver highly impactful education in a country which has – cultural and legal – inhibitions against the methodology of personal development. However, the results she produced both with AIESEC members and external participants were transformational. Anca can deal with highly complex problems autonomously, empathize with people on an exceptionally high level, stay diplomatic in high stakes conversations and conflicts.

Skills: Empathy, Complex Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Mediation, Training, Facilitation, Coaching, Hosting, Conference & Agenda Management, Negotiation Skills, Autonomous Self-Directing and Working, Leading Virtual and Local Teams | Perspectives: Transnational Perspective on issues and processes, Holistic Analysis of complex problems, defining and asking highly relevant questions for tackling issues (~professional coaching perspective).

Additional documents provided by the candidate
Anca Afloroaei_CV
Anca Afloroaei_Who I Am & What I stand For


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