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2016 EB Candidate – Alexander Reinhold

Name Alexander Reinhold
Nationality German
Residence Munich, Germany
NomCom Recommendation Recommended
Video Link Watch my video
Professional Career Managing Director in Early stage technology company (2015-16), Established and managed sales funnel and over 150 sales leads, Lead joined development with customer’s innovation teams of business cases for new products. Management Consulting (2007-2015), worked in the Americas, China, Europe and Japan on various projects in Energy and TMT on Re-organization, Transformation and strategy.
AIESEC Experience Founding president of AIESEC Aberdeen (LCP 2004- 05); Re-opening of LC of AIESEC at the University of Aberdeen after 12 years; Recruiting of over 50 members within first years, Organization of conferences with over 600 attendees and 50.000 GBP in turnover within first year Awards from AIESEC UK: Excellence in Innovation for a new conference model (Award), Most Improved Committee in AIESEC UK (Nomination), Founding member of AIESEC UK internal Consulting team (2005-06), coaching of selected LCs
Alumni Experience Experience: sporadic, mainly driven through personal contacts. Accomplishments: None, hence my desire to make a difference
What is your vision for AAI? I would like for AAI to be the world’s most impactful Alumni Organization, involving and connecting members with roles in privately owned companies, governmental institutions and educational bodies. The Alumni Organization has a massive network of aspiring and accomplished individuals with a desire to make a difference. I would like to see various networks, laterally between same generations across industries/ governments and educational organizations as well as vertically, giving the opportunity for generations to learn and benefit from each other.
What skills and perspective would you bring to the Executive Board? I can draw on a strong track record of international and multicultural project management, focusing on results and maintaining lean structures. I have been involved with Rotary’s youth exchange program from 1996-2001, with AIESEC from 2004-2006, was fortunate to have multicultural education in Germany, Australia, Argentina, the UK and Spain, which adds to my ability to relate to local cultures in an international context. I have worked on shaping global organizations as well as in Start-Ups, so I have been able to combine the focus needed to generate results with the requirements of large organizations.
What, specifically, would you most like to work on as an EB member? I would like to design and operate/manage the organizational setup, establishing the data base as well as finding the right people to work as light house alumni.
Are you willing and committed to undertake responsibility for developing, implementing and overseeing specific tasks at AAI? Yes
Will you be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly calls? Yes
Please provide (optional) links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing. LinkedIn
Will you be in Warsaw for the election on August 21? No
What is your term availability?  Available for any term up to three years
Mark Haggan

Professional experience
Currently Head of IT Projects & Programmes for the Halfords Group, previously various positions in various airlines.

AIESEC and Alumni experience|
LCP AIESEC Queens, UK 1994, National Reception Programme Manager AIESEC UK 1994/95, Non- Executive Director / Trustee AIESEC UK, 2000-2007, Non-Executive Director / Trustee, The AIESEC Foundation 2006-2011, including serving as chairman of the board.

I have known Alex since 2001, initially as an AIESEC member whilst I was a trustee of AIESEC UK. Have stayed friends ever since.

Alex is that great mix of fun, values and capability. He brings enthusiasm and energy with clear thought and logic, and has a strong focus on making a positive change, all of which allows him to deliver change not just himself but through inspiring others around him. He has an infectious personality that has seen him grow his network of friends and contacts, which is always a useful skill. He embodies those things that makes AIESEC great.

Alex brings a great network and series of contacts with him and has managed to retain contact with so many people from so many years. He has worked and studied in multiple countries, speaks several languages, and has contacts throughout.


Professor Chris Bones

Professional experience
30+ years in business and business education

AIESEC and Alumni experience
Chair AI Supervisory Board, Member AI Supervisory Board, Hon Member AI

I know Alex through AIESEC Aberdeen in mid 2000s.

Alexander is entrepreneurial, international in experience and brings an insider knowledge that isn’t too out of date.

Alex brings Entrepreneurship and Innovation.




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