Change the World Campaign Update

00437185-300x300We’re delighted to announce that after reviewing more than 70 responses to our campaign, launched in February this year, we finally selected seven organizations that will be showcased in this newsletter every month.

We grouped the responses into categories, and our team carefully reviewed each one of them. We valued not only the fact that they were aimed at making an impact on society but also how they measured their impact.

Below are the categories and the projects we selected:


“Growth Africa”, Kenya, led by Johnni Kjeldsgaard, is dedicated to growing and accelerating high-impact, high-growth businesses that innovatively contribute to Africa’s social and economic progress.

Social Innovation

“International Movement for Community Development”, Sri Lanka, led by Upul Senanayake, is dedicated to facilitating social and economic initiatives for the underprivileged community to uplift their livelihoods.

Community Development

“Without Borders,” Sri Lanka, led by T. G. Janitha Rukmal, is dedicated to building sustainable, community-driven development models Island-wide, focused on ensuring quality and sustainability in the areas of education and employment.

Social Responsibility

“SITAWI Finance for Good”, Brazil, led by Gustavo Pimentel, is dedicated to enabling more types of capital and a better use of capital to transform more lives through innovative financial solutions that create social and environmental impact.

Children Rights

“Plight of the Child International,” Ghana, led by Bill Graham, dedicated to fighting against child discrimination and all forms of child abuse.


“The School of Values,” Romania, led by Stefan Palarie, dedicated to building a community of autonomous teenagers that are acting in a collaborative, responsible, and ethical manner.


“Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy,” Moldavia, led by Alexander Ischenko, dedicated to promoting eco-friendly and healthy lifestyles, valuable open-source eco-innovations, environmental organizations, and green businesses.

We want to congratulate these seven organizations and projects for the work they do and thank all the applicants for inspiring us by proving that AIESEC continues to develop leaders into agents of the change our world needs.

We’ll be presenting articles based on interviews with these leaders in upcoming editions of this newsletter.

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