Prime Minister Monti’s support and our collective alumni potential

We are all immensely proud to learn that Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has taken time from his pressing governing duties to write a letter of support to Luca Torosani, Secretary General of AIESEC Alumni Italia. Prime Minister Monti wrote: “Never before, have the institutional objectives of AIESEC to help the younger generation and promote […]

The AAI Executive Board

During our AAI Congress in Tapolca, Hungary on Saturday, February 18th, AAI members elected a new Executive Board that includes Andrew Rowe, Bernd M. Thomas, David Epstein, Hiro Kinashi, Lionel Simons and Sudeep Malhotra.  The EB subsequently named David Epstein as President and Bernd M. Thomas as Vice President. Their initial areas of focus are as follows: Andrew Rowe […]

Our mission statement and branding

Two of the “Ten Steps” in the global alumni reform effort are core identity issues, namely, “Who are we?” (elevated branding that enhances our emotional appeal) and “Why are we here?” (an aspirational mission statement). Though the reform proposal was approved in Hungary, some attendees voiced concerns about the mission statement and branding aspects.  As […]

Our work sessions in Hungary

Here is a summary of our work activities during the February 18-19 alumni days in Tapolca, Hungary: February 18: 9:30am – 1pm WG presentation of “Unleashing AIESEC’s Global Alumni Potential” The working group presented a summary of its analysis and recommendations for global AIESEC alumni reform.  Many of the participants came prepared having read the executive […]

Our sincere thanks

As we shift into implementation gear, we want to pause for a moment to thank our fellow AIESECers for their participation and support during our work together these past months.  So many of you have helped in so many ways to help Budapest ’12 build on an alumni effort that began in Hungary in ’86 and was […]