Donor Profile: Frank Foti

We are pleased to showcase Frank Foti, an accomplished alumnus and entrepreneur who has contributed significantly to AIESEC in his youth and remains an active alumnus and supporter to this date. Mr. Foti is also a proud donor to The AAI Seed Fund 10 X €10K Campaign, demonstrating his generosity and commitment to The AAI […]

Change the World Campaign Update

We’re delighted to announce that after reviewing more than 70 responses to our campaign, launched in February this year, we finally selected seven organizations that will be showcased in this newsletter every month. We grouped the responses into categories, and our team carefully reviewed each one of them. We valued not only the fact that […]

Help Us Harness The Power of AIESEC Alumni

Are you an alumnus or alumna in a country or city that has no organized AIESEC alumni association, and longing for the opportunity to connect to the AIESEC community? If so, you are not alone. There are many places where hundreds or even thousands of AIESEC alumni live in close proximity, but there is no […]

Global Leadership Roundtable

One of the great opportunities AIESEC Alumni offers to its members is ongoing opportunities to connect with and learn from exceptional leaders. AIESEC Alumni in the Philippines organize the Global Leadership Roundtable (GLR) which is a very effective way to do just that. The event takes the shape of a gathering over lunch at the […]

How to Roll with It: A Manual

Few people had the kind of impact Rollie had both on the AIESEC alumni network and his friends and family. Rolando P. Gosiengfiao, who passed away recently, was an active alumni in Asia and helped to initiate key programs as well as inspire many others. A-Groups is one such brainchild, which he started in Hong […]