AlumNet reflects the AIESEC spirit

“AIESECers are persistent and remain true to their vision against all odds.”  I’m sure that so many of you identify with this statement and that persistence is one of the qualities that you developed when you were in AIESEC.  What’s more, I’ll bet this persistence has served you well throughout your life, in your career, […]

ALUMnet: The Business Exchange

ALUMnet is built around the needs of all Alumni to add value in many ways. In this article, you’ll learn about a feature tailored to the needs of the entrepreneurs among us. For a successful business, the idea is only part of the challenge. Execution is critical, and it takes skilled, driven people to bring a project […]

AlumNet: a Sneak Peek

AIESEC Alumni International has come a long way. Not so long ago, there were many national alumni associations scattered around the globe. There were clusters of alumni who kept in touch or reconnected – after a few years or decades – and began regularly meeting, albeit informally. It was still extremely difficult to reconnect with […]