Career Opportunities at Medic Mobile

Medic Mobile’s mission is to use mobile technology to create connected and coordinated health systems that save lives. Operating as a nonprofit technology company, we develop scalable and open-source tools that can be adapted for specific uses, backed by evidence. My name is Estelle Comment and I joined Medic Mobile a year ago, working remotely from France, my first experience of remote work!

Health workers in remote rural areas around the developing world currently use Medic Mobile to register every pregnancy, immunize infants against illnesses, track disease outbreaks faster, keep stock of essential medicines, and communicate about emergencies. We reach the last mile of healthcare: over 14,000 Community Health Workers through partner organizations in 23+ countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Community Health Worker Uma Kanwar (first from the right) conducting a monthly health meeting with the women of Surya-Kalyanipura village, Rajasthan, India. Project in partnership with Barefoot College.

As a software developer, I’m part of the remote team around the world, building the tools that Community Health Workers use every day. Meanwhile, members of Medic Mobile’s field team will be traveling 100 miles on rough roads to visit a remote clinic in Nepal or Uganda. At the same time, designers, health researchers, and project managers are coordinating to fine-tune models and devise new patient interventions. My teammates exhibit unique levels of patience, confidence, and empathy; we work together every day as a distributed interdisciplinary team to improve health outcomes and ultimately save lives.

Do you want to help us out? Join us! We have openings across North America, Asia, and Africa.
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