Our breakthrough in Hungary

Dear AIESEC alumni,
It was a race while we were in Hungary, and only now do I have a moment to put into writing my highest level takeaways from the experience and my deep appreciation for everyone who has participated to date in our effort to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential.

These intense few days with the very diverse and energized group of AIESECers in Budapest and Tapolca were quite an experience for all of us, and our time together was an important new milestone in our alumni reform effort.  While the clear message back from the alumni community gathered in Hungary after presenting and discussing our work was to “go make it happen,” we also benefited from important new perspectives that will lead to further evaluations and some course adjustments.  This is a natural and welcome part of the process and will make our bonds even stronger and our collective impact even greater.

We are nailing down our immediate next steps coming out of Hungary, but please know they will most importantly feature your active engagement.  We are excited to expand the number of alumni working on unleashing our alumni potential and to increase our consultations with the national associations and other interested alumni.  We will report back to you soon with the specific areas where we are seeking your involvement and help.  Please let us know your interests and skill sets, and we’ll see how we might efficiently get you actively engaged.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our working group, steering committee and participating alumni everywhere for your patience and hard work over the past several months.  I think it’s paying off.  We are on our way.

Let’s continue working together to realize our potential!

With sincere thanks,

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  1. Be proud to be a part of this journey…

  2. David, congratulations on your excellent leadership and tireless efforts to bring this to successful closure in Budapest. Your presentations were excellent. It was great to see the reaction of the delegates and see such strong support for our strategic direction. There was strong validation for our analysis and conclusions through many conversations with individuals from different countries. AIESEC alumni are excited with the prospects of transforming our organization. We have a strong mandate to proceed with implementation. This will be challenging and fun!

  3. I have received great feedback from Budapest; unfortunately, I was not able to attend but I will as always support the elected team efforts for the AIESEC Alumni International reshuffle. You can count on my support for entrepreneurship and startups (already under way with the preparation of the second edition of the International Startups Meeting to be held in Tunis from Oct 19 to 21) and the international career service to be carefully implemented to serve the Alumni community.

    I do believe we can do for alumni what AIESEC has meant and is doing for management students.

    Bravo for all the work accomplished!
    Christian Cochard, President of AIESEC Alumni France.

  4. It was great meeting you all. I like the strategic direction we are heading in and I am looking forward to keep on communicating with you. My interests and background lie in the field of Marketing, Sales, Promotion & Manufacturing. In my company we help brands stand out by designing and producing tailor-made promotional items. Most of them are made out of metal and/or plastics. In addition, I am eager to give feedback to any material you will want comments on.

  5. Hello David,

    Thank you and your team again for your tremendous effort, wonderful results and for keeping us updated with the developments in Budapest and Tapolca. To harness our global potential is indeed a huge challenge, and the most effective approach will be definitely getting the most participation of alumni around the globe, to bridge gaps and get us all aware of our responsibility of thinking global and acting local for a sustainable growth within the values of AIESEC. For that you can certainly count with me. I am specifically interested in strategic planning and communication and keep learning and growing with AIESEC.

    My best regards to you all,

    Marcela Astete

  6. adminGordon Buhagiar says:

    Great event and great work David and your team. Keep it up! I’m looking forward to contributing to the project and putting my creative cranium to use!


  7. Dear David, dear all,
    it was a pleasure to work with you in Budapest/Tapolca and the weeks preceeding the meeting. I am absolutely positive that we gonna make things happen and look forward to support&assist the initiative.

  8. To the new AAI EB and the AAIM delegates, it was indeed a challenging meeting and what transpired and the fact that we agreed almost unanimously to pursue the WG ideas are indeed testament to the immense capital of trust that Jean Choplin says we all share – we all want to identify more with AIESEC as a global name for life. The greatest scaling up to meet the direction set in Budapest will definitely be from the local and national levels and we in Singapore and Asia-Pacific are positively looking forward to playing our part! Let’s have fun connecting and reconnecting more dots in our own alumni and with our AIESEC friends worldwide. AIESEC for LIFE – Leadership, Internationalism, Friendship and Exchange! Cheers and until Moscow, to the new friends we met and the old ones we saw again, we are AIESECers always!

  9. adminPedro Luis Pinson says:

    Thanks Dave, a job well done , PLP

  10. adminRolf Hamacher says:

    It is good to see the momentum and the fact that a complete board of truely senior alumni leaders has been elected for AAI. I wish you all the ability to listen and the endurance to create such a strong feeling for your vision of alumni work, that it can encompass all the different motivations why alumni have engaged themselves on local, national and international level in the past.

  11. adminkevinvuaillat says:

    Thank you for the team of AIESEC World Unite, you did a very good analysis and proposed interesting strategic directions!
    Now we all hope it will become concrete, and be sure AIESEC Alumni France is higly motivated to help you to achieve these challenging goals.
    We are ready!

    Kévin Vuaillat
    AIESEC Alumni France

  12. adminPrimadi Wahyuwidagdo Suryosumanto says:

    Dear AIESECers

    I would love to hear some revolution in our effort to strengthen the cooperation between networks of our global organization . Iam working as a Management Consultant and Associate Lecturer in 3 Universities University Of Surabaya , Muhammadiyah University of Malang and Ma Chung University. Currently iam helping the initiative team of AIESEC in Muhammadiyah University of Malang ( Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang / UMM ) . I hope that we can help each other in establishing a based of our positive impact to the society . its not about how big aiesec alumni today , but its also about tomorrow . AIESEC founded in 1948 with only 6 countries . hopefully we can reconnect the missing link. ” Once an AIESECer , Is Always an AIESECers”. Thank you very much

    AIESECly Yours

    AIESEC ALumni Indonesia
    ” Life Is Learn and Learn Is Life, School Is Just A Moment Of Time”

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