Alumni Profile: Teofil Shikov

Teofil Shikov was born in Bulgaria, and ever since he joined AIESEC, he has considered himself a global citizen.

When he first heard about AIESEC and wanted to join the organization, he was only 16. Since he wasn’t a university student, he had to wait three more years before finally becoming a member.

In the organization, he saw two paths: the conventional route (LCVP, LCP, MCVP, MCP, abroad, AI, etc.) and the unconventional route. He chose the latter.

Several months after joining, he received a leadership position where he became a founder. He started a local committee in his university along with some AIESECers. Later on, while not having any MC experience, he ran for MCP. He was elected and had an amazing year with an outstanding team comprised of individuals from three nationalities.

Feeling like he had the world in his pocket, he wanted to experience the true AIESEC value delivery: going to an internship. After being rejected from professional internships in Australia and Hong Kong, he finally found one in Mumbai, India. There, he spent a year as the global coordinator for the TCS-AIESEC partnership.

His original idea was to spend three months in AIESEC, which turned intro six years.

After his active AIESEC experience, he chaired conferences and sat on a national board of advisors, among others.

Now, he is running his own startup. The whole team is comprised of AIESECers, of course.

His startup, Out2Bound, is a consultancy with two main focuses: to help technology companies (software dev, mobile, web, SaaS) to enrich their sales pipeline and to assist startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs in making sound and informed decisions when choosing technology solution providers.


On-Demand sales: Their outbound sales development allow them to help their clients to find new markets around the globe. The company offers a remote sales team, working on-demand to build beneficial partnerships with the client. Due to the team’s expertise, the focus is in working with tech companies.

Consulting: Out2Bound can, with a portfolio of qualified and trusted technology solution providers, help companies in their nearshore/offshore plans.

Teofil’s interests are in technology and sales, while my hobbies include skiing and hiking.

If you’d like to get in touch with him, please don’t hesitate to drop him a message on LinkedIn.

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