AlumNet Community Manager Wanted

community-manager-formation1We’ve got a cool team waiting for you to join.

Take a peek below and shoot us an email at [email protected] with a resume, short bio, and anything else you think we should see (photos of your dinner?).

Now, if we may, a few general words about you, the ideal candidate…

You are: high energy, positive, collaborative, focused, intense, committed, a team-player, creative, thrifty, decisive. And funny. You have a strong work ethic and a high level of integrity, judgment and responsiveness. You are detail-oriented but can also think big picture. You have kick-ass organizational & problem-solving skills. And most importantly, you share our vision to grow our Alumni community worldwide.

We are looking to have more hands on deck to get original writing content on AlumNet platform. With a monthly newsletter and online/offline events, we’ve created a strong community of like minded people, AIESEC Alumni interested in business, tech, CSR, culture and more, and we want to grow it to reach a wider net.

AlumNet Community Content Managers


AlumNet is a core platform that is a communication channel for the 1 million AIESEC alumni around the world. And while 99% of our growth so far has been organic, we’re now looking to expand our management team. We’re looking for someone who executes like an assassin, can keep up with a fast pace, and is bold enough to constantly try new content experiments.

You’re excited to write articles, in-depth experiments, and one-on-one interviews with AIESEC alumni worldwide. Some content will be written by us, some will be written by you — our incredibly diverse and talented worldwide audience. You’re cooler than we are, anyway.

Our community is our lifeblood, and our content, dynamic & real, needs to reflect that.

The content created by you will reflect what’s happening in the world, in your own country, why it matters and what it means for the alumni global community.

And we hope you can do this in a conversational and witty voice.

The role of Content Manager means coming up with story ideas, fact checking, writing, and editing the content.

  • Hitting strict deadlines
  • Testing new story ideas and concepts
  • A passion for copywriting and journalism
  • Witty and the ability to write with humor
  • You must be a current AlumNet member

What you’ll take away from this role:

  • You’ll become a modern days storyteller and learn how to use written & visual mediums for a better impact
  • How to keep a finger on the pulse of innovation/important news/meaningful content that stands out
  • Collaborate with content managers worldwide to create bold, future-shaping ideas,
  • How to challenge your mind & your readers mind with new stories/content
  • How to deliver Cutting edge viewpoints, worldwide stories & daily dose of remarkable

You’ll take the role of becoming a catalyst for the spirited and wide-ranging conversations on AlumNet between members, people who burn to learn more about the world and to do something with that insight.

Prepare to become addicted to Curiosity. Enthusiasm. Action.

So – what are you waiting for? Send an email at [email protected] to get started. Welcome to AAI Management Team!

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