AIESEC Croatia Update

croatia-update-large65 Alumni of AIESEC Croatia have come together earlier this month in a small city named Djurdjevac, for the 2nd National Winter Alumni Conference, “Connect 2 Impact” (C2I). It was held parallel to the National Winter Conference of AIESEC Croatia which had 100 delegates. 

The alumni agenda was structured around presenting global and regional alumni activities updates, presenting GALI strategy and agreeing on the concrete next steps this alumni community wants to take. In addition to the one day track alumni organized two panel discussions for the active AIESECers, “Decent work and Economic Growth” and ”Should I Stay or Should I Go?”. The first panel helped to present the current state of the Croatian market while the second panel offered insights into the pros and cons of staying in Croatia or going abroad to gain international experience.

Unique about this conference is that it gathered Alumni across four decades and gave members the opportunity to interact with business professionals and successful entrepreneurs. Same as always during the last couple of years a live stream was organized, in order to facilitate involvement of alumni who could not make it to Djurdjevac.

During the Connect 2 Impact Gala Dinner Ivica Baraba received an Alumni Award from the Croatian MC, for his continuous engagement and the great results which he achieved together with his six alumni teammates. Congratulations!

In Croatia an alumni initiative has been started two years ago since when the number and quality of events has steadily increased. During this period, apart from an annual conference named “Connect to Impact”, 12 ALUMnites, featuring distinct Alumni speakers, have been organized.

The conference photo album and all agenda materials can be found on these shareable links.

Keep a close watch on this Alumni community as it looks like the best is yet to come for Croatia Alumni.

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