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EB Candidate 2018 – Mariel Rivera

EB Candidate 2018 – Mariel Rivera


What is your nationality?



What is your city and country of residence?

Mexico City, Mexico


Please describe your AIESEC experience and accomplishments.

In AIESEC, I established the local chapter of Sonora State, I then served as Vice president of Business Development at AIESEC Mexico and my last role was Regional Partnership Development Director for the Americas, working with a network present in 20 countries and engaging companies/organizations in order to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals through leadership development experiences for young people.


Please describe your AIESEC Alumni experience and accomplishments.

Supporting the RAC of Iberoamerica in 2017 as a facilitator of the “Alumni to the world” session really encouraged me to apply for the EB of AAI. I was elected in AAIC Cartagena and since almost a year I have been serving as part of the board working as Head of Marketing & Communications. I participated in the creation of the Strategy 2018 – this year the first partnership was signed under the in-kind model with a Digital Marketing Agency – and I am supporting as conference manager for AAIC 2018. My team and I manage the newsletter, social media, the development of the new website as well as the launching of the new platform.


Please describe your professional experience and accomplishments.

I would describe myself as a young Business Management Engineer, an activist dreamer, a social entrepreneur, and an energetic business consultant who has a track record of increasing revenue and enhancing productivity. My area of specialization is Partnership Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. A true believer that collective work can change the reality that we live in, I think it is our responsibility towards the generations to come to do our best and improve our world. Currently I am working as a Digital & Business consultant at a Mexican Digital Lab and I created a social entrepreneurship named Social Disrupters.


What is your vision for AAI?

I believe that the vision should remain the development of leaders for a better world, in combination with the aim to have projects and ecosystems that allow this to happen on a large scale: an inclusive movement with all generations and nationalities of Alumni around the world.


What skills and perspective would you bring to the Executive Board?

I have the perspective of young generations but as well the experience to believe that age does not define our capacity for contribution, I’m a really passionate person with a great team spirit and experience in team management. I’m a solution-oriented person, my experience as a consultant allows me to look at the big picture and scenarios to provide strategic advice for the continued development of the organization.


What, specifically, would you most like to work on as an EB member?

I would like to continue working on what is most needed. Working on the organization strategy to promote marketing, membership, events and programs that supports the 3 pillars would probably be what I would enjoy the most.


Are you willing and committed to undertake responsibility for developing, implementing and overseeing specific tasks at AAI?



Will you be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in weekly calls?



Please provide (optional) links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing.

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariel-rivera-flores-b45148a8/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariel.rivera.9803


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