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2017 EB Candidate – Mariel Rivera

Mariel Rivera (Ma.de los Angeles Rivera Flores)

What is your nationality?


What is your city and country of residence?

Hermosillo, Mexico

Please describe your AIESEC experience and accomplishments.

She Is the Local Chapter Re-founder of AIESEC in Hermosillo (after 20 year out of activity), Giving the opportunities and service to all the Sonora and Baja California States of Mexico, being the remotest Local entity form the Head Quarters of AIESEC Mexico. More than one hundred people have experience a leadership role with AIESEC Hermosillo since she re-start the expansion in 2013. She collaborates as National Director of Business Development for AIESEC in Mexico in MC15.16, during this year. On side of her responsibilities as responsable to generate partnerships to provide resources for the sustainability of the organization (accomplishing 100% of the BD goal). She was able to be Chair conference in US, Coach of local entities, Project Manager of YSFLATAM and, Conference Manager for Border Summit, Project Manager for TTR and Lead MCB and NST commission. Now days she works as Regional Partnership director of Americas Region, leading a network of 20 countries and working with companies that wants to contribute to the sustainable development goals consulting them of how to support with our volunteering and professional projects developing leadership. After that she wants to work in project with an environment that supports diversity and that allows me to keep creating significant impact in the world.

Please describe your AIESEC Alumni experience and accomplishments.

I´m Currently Alumni of AIESEC Mexico, not have much experience being Alumni since I still have a role in AIESEC but actually during my current position I been able to work with Alumni As Facilitator/speaker for the RAC Iberoamerica in Peru

Please describe your professional experience and accomplishments.

Stract from Bio: Mariel has held leadership positions for General Electric as Logistics land Quality leader, where she develops the doublé stacking project for big size transformers, delivering significant saves for the company. Over 1000 transformer are now days shipped a week trough this process, saving over 100k USD per year. Also Worked for Government on Economic and Business Development as head of the Residents and Visitor attention office of Guaymas Sonora. Mariel is a Young

entrepreneur creator of Publimagnet, Flyboard Sonora and Green tag, for more than 1 year she gives consulting to other entrepreneurs at the center of incubation at ITH. Aside of her professional experience before joining AIESEC she was part of Rotaract as volunteer (for over 5 years) , experiencing different roles at the executive board (finance, service projects and Sponsorship collection) She is the creator of New vision for Education Project, From Rotaract Hermosillo (Project that provides computer with speaker software to blind students)

What is your vision for AAI?

I picture an AAI that connect a big network but no only that but activate and empower Alumni around the world to keep creating impact for what the world needs.

What skills and perspective would you bring to the Executive Board?

of course being milenial I believe I can bring the perspective of young alumni, I´m a hard believer that AIESEC as platform when we become alumni if not only to connect us to the world. but the also an opportunity to connect the world ourself, to use the opportunity we have as one of the biggest communities of diverse leaders working for peace and understanding in the world from our different pads. I will bring the perspective of ¨what if¨

What, specifically, would you most like to work on as an EB member?

Well it all depends of what it needs at the moment but I would like to contribute to the connection of AIESEC ALUMNI to the world, to AIESEC, to Alumni but but all with the purpose and framework that allow us to create impact with those connections.

Are you willing and committed to undertake responsibility for developing, implementing and overseeing specific tasks at AAI?


Comments to the above question

Without a clear end goal not responsibility or task will be 100% fulfill , when we have an end goal motivation for develop, implementing and track/oversee a task/challenge is always possible and can be achieve. los let´s start with the WHY

Will you be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly calls?


Comments to the above question

Yes I been working with international teams during years and what it takes is just to coordinate our time management.

Please provide links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariel-rivera-flores-b45148a8/, https://www.facebook.com/mariel.rivera.9803



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