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2017 EB Candidate – Beatrice Pesci

Beatrice Pesci

What is your nationality?


What is your city and country of residence?

Rome – Italy

Please describe your AIESEC experience and accomplishments.

1986/87 AIESEC new comer LC Roma La Sapienza 1987/88 LC VP FINANCE Roma La Sapienza (100k euro budget/year) 1988/89 LCP Roma La Sapienza (1st Italian LC international exchange program 40 traineeship/year) 1989/90 MC Trainer and OC EUNO Congress’ 89 (Folgaria Italy) First AIESEC International Career Day in Italy 1990 AIESEC Trainee at Hasegawa Company – Fukuoka Japan

Please describe your AIESEC Alumni experience and accomplishments.

I got in contact with AIESEC Alumni in 2012 after many years I had left AIESEC. At the beginning, I was curious to learn more about the Association. Step by step I got more and more involved in organizing some local projects and in 2014 I got elected to be AIESEC Alumni Italy President. At that time the AA Italy was at its starting point and it needed to grow and be consolidated. The board was very young as many senior members had just resigned after two years in the board. The brand in Italy was unclear and many Alumni were not interested in getting involved. Furthermore, some of the members that had just been elected to be part of the Board resigned almost immediately. We were not off to a good start. After 2 years of hard work as President both in strategic planning and operative management I’m really proud to say AIESEC Alumni Italy has been recognized as the second largest NAA in Europe. In may 2016 I left the President position to my vice President and I took charge of the strategic areas I couldn’t focus on in the first 2 years: alumni for the world and implementation of the international network. Below the details of all my accomplishment in my last four years as member, President and VP of AA Italy: 2012 attending first Alumnite in Rome 2013 attending AA Italy Annual Meeting in Arezzo (40 participants) Ideation and Management “Leading your Talent” 1 day soft skills company training and AA testimonials – in TIM spa Rome (50 aiesecers) 2014 AA Italy Annual Meeting (23 participants) may 2014 AA ITALY BOARD election and designation as AA Italy PRESIDENT 2014/16 AA Italy accomplishment : Network Implementation (about +300% of contacts through Web/FB/Linkedin/mailing) AAI Annual Meeting 2015 in Roccamare – 80 participants (about 40 membership fee) AAI Annual 2016 Meeting in

Roccamare – 100 participants (about 60 membership fee) AA to AIESEC: Bridge Project AIESEC Alumni Award to Project INTEGreat (Carlo Magno Prize winner) Job opportunities Mentorship AIESEC Alumni to Alumni: Alumnite first Thursday (Roma, Milano, Napoli, Firenze, Torino, Palermo, Brescia) Company visit on Excellence and Innovation Theme (H-Farm, Brunello Cucinelli) Christmas Brunch AIESEC Alumni Award 2016 AA ITALY BOARD election and designation as AA Italy VP Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative & International Network implementation 2016/17 personal accomplishments: AA Italy International Network implementation: Candidature for hosting ERAC 2017 attending AAIC 2016 in Poland attending AAE Step Up conference 2016 Athens Greece OC member ERAC 2017 Roccamare Italy (170 participants) Alumnet promoter AIESEC Alumni for the World (the GALI missing pillars in AAI 2014/16 plan): UN Global Goals AA Project Social Theme Alumnite in Rome Social Theme AIESEC Alumni Talk AIESEC Alumni to AIESEC AIESEC Rome INTEGreat presentation at Equity and Inclusion week – TIM spa AIESEC Alumni to Alumni Open Innovation Centre Electrolux visit Alumnite in Bologna (new)

Please describe your professional experience and accomplishments.

I’ve been working for 26 years in Telecom Italia (main Italian Telecommunication Company) where I covered several management positions first in Customer Care and later in Administration Finance and Control . In these years I have become a process control and Sarbanes Oxley Act expert and thanks to my AIESEC Experience as a trainer I got excellent results in compliance knowledge management. Today I work in the Compliance Department where I’m in charge of managing the compliance training and education program for the whole Telecom Italia group.

What is your vision for AAI?

People who grew believing in the AIESEC Value have a great advantage, especially in this uncertain historical moment. I believe that AA should be a place where people who leave AIESEC can continue to make a positive impact in society and to develop their leadership and teamwork skills during their entire life Even if we are an apolitical and neutral organization, we must put in our best efforts to promote peace and intercultural understanding. We must stress our global nature, as this is our key comparative advantage that differentiates AAI from other organizations only interested in networking and mutual support. In order to do this, I believe it is important to create an environment of mutual trust and positive atmosphere; a virtual and real place where people can connect, contribute, collaborate and get involved. I completely believe in our international president words: the AIESEC biggest impact is the AIESEC Alumni spread out in the world. We must link them to empower and increase their impact. Finally, even if there are a lot of potential advantages we could

gain from the AA network, I think the less you are after your own individual benefits the more the chances you have to grow and develop yourself.

What skills and perspective would you bring to the Executive Board?

My NAA experience, my strategic vision and my ability to apply it to concrete projects, my leadership, my enthusiasm and my AIESEC spirit

What, specifically, would you most like to work on as an EB member?

I will be glad to work with the EB wherever there is the necessity. I can offer my experience both in strategic planning and project management to support the EB in implementing its international projects and foster its network.

Will you be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly calls?


Please provide links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing

https://www.linkedin.com/in/beatrice-pesci-09108331 https://www.facebook.com/biba.pesci




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