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2017 EB Candidate – Andre Valente

Andre Bruno Barbosa Valente

What is your nationality?


What is your city and country of residence?

Boa Vista – RR / Brazil

Please describe your AIESEC experience and accomplishments.

Last Role I was MCVP Outgoing Global Volunteer Program in AIESEC in Venezuela 2015-2016. Since 2014 I worked with Venezuela, I was Trainee there after National Support Team. I developed a lot of changes that made Venezuela grow as an potential AIESEC to term 15-16 and now 17-18. In my area we won 5 times Relative Growth in OGV. A country that many issues of political and economic we made AIESEC in Venezuela as big than before.

Please describe your AIESEC Alumni experience and accomplishments.

I’m recently became Alumni. I’ve been studing the national networking in Venezuela also in Americas (my region) I’m new in this area but I’m pretty sure that I can contribute more and more to transform a AIESEC Alumni in an potential organization for our networking, stakeholders.

Please describe your professional experience and accomplishments.

I’m an English Teacher around the Americas, I worked with Ministry of Education Program in Colombia delivering English Class according the Curriculum for Children and Teenagers during the second semester of 2016. Now I’m in Ecuador also as a English Teacher working with Ministry of Education of Ecuador delivering English Skills to kids and teenagers. I’ve been impacted a lot of lifes around this two countries and bring them a perpesctive that they also can be a world citizen and critical-thinkers to change their community in a better place to live.

What is your vision for AAI?

My vision is contribute to recognize as a first choice partner to our stakeholders, delivering to our networking a good experience after AIESEC’s life. Supporting the projects from our Alumnis around the world, provide them coach, vision, structure to start their project or save them from the risk. For the future AAI can be the organization that still is impacting the world being accesible to everyone in everywhere.

What skills and perspective would you bring to the Executive Board?

Social Business Knowledge, Coach and Support in Social Projects that are being developing around our networking. Also contribute to the communication between AAI and AIESEC networking. A vision of Partnership Development to contribute our impact day by day to become accesible to everyone.

What, specifically, would you most like to work on as an EB member?

Social Projects, Supporting and Coach this. Also, the internal communication to apply my degree area that is Social Communication – Marketing.

Are you willing and committed to undertake responsibility for developing, implementing and overseeing specific tasks at AAI?


Will you be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly calls?


Please provide links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing




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