First Thursdays global initiative

Imagine that no matter where on earth you may be, you can join fellow alumni AIESECers on the same day to network, to have fun, and to have impact.

Already today, alumni meet on regular basis in a number of cities around the world, and we know that many more would participate if they knew when and where to go. During a brainstorming session at AAIM 2012 in Hungary, we discussed an idea to elevate these meetings into global program, and “AIESEC Alumni First Thursday” appeared on the horizon.

We are as many as one million strong, and our potential “to the power of AIESEC” is huge! Let us unleash this potential together on the First Thursday of every month in as many cities worldwide as we can. This is a great channel for us to learn from one other, create synergies and have impact. We invite YOU to get engaged in this global effort in your city every First Thursday of each month! Every AIESECer is welcome to join us… alumni, students, trainees and our corporate partners.

To find out which cities are already participating and to get more information, visit the First Thursdays Facebook page and click the events button. If there is no event in your city yet, we encourage you to organize one let us know about it on the Facebook page. We will be happy to help and promote it for you.

We would like to thank Peter Mandl from AIESEC Alumni Austria and Fabian Tschan from AIESEC Alumni Switzerland who, in nimble entrepreneurial fashion, launched the Facebook page for this initiative and have built strong momentum. Now let us build on their great work and move on it together!

One more thing… when you visit the First Thursdays Facebook page, would you please “Like it” so we can spread the word?!

4 replies on “First Thursdays global initiative”

  1. adminPedro Luis Pinson says:

    Excellent idea Dave, buena noche, PLP

  2. Great idea, David!! I hope we’ll have an event in Iasi, Romania on April 5th!

  3. Thank you Pedro and Iulian! The credit for the idea goes to the attendees at our Sunday morning brainstorming session in Tapolca, and the credit for its initial launch and growth goes entirely to Peter Mandl and Fabian Tschan. I’d also like to thank and acknowledge Kuba Karlinski who is now driving this program from within AAI. At this point, it’s up to national alumni leaders — and leaders in cities across the globe — to encourage participation. Over time, we have every opportunity to utilize this program not only for networking, fun and friendship, but also to demonstrate our scale and unity and to maximize our collective impact.

  4. We had a meeting this Thursday and it was really nice to catch up with the guys and we’ll surely do another meeting next month! Would be glad to exchange meeting concepts with other Alumni groups or even organize a twining with another city (video conferencing or something)!

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