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The AIESEC Leaders List

With a history of more than 60 years of nurturing leadership, imagine if we could list every leader in AIESEC’s history. This is exactly what we aim to accomplish with The AIESEC Leaders List, a platform for assembling a complete and accurate list of former AIESEC leaders around the world.

Finding all of AIESEC’s past leaders is a crucial step toward harnessing the power of our alumni, so we have pulled together AIESEC alumni worldwide to make this initiative a success.

Thus far we have identified many thousands of alumni, including more than 80% of the MCPs in AIESEC’s history. We urge you to visit our list of countries to see who we are missing among the MCPs, and to forward names (and contact info, if available) to us at . We will eventually expand this list to include all leadership teams in every geography at every AIESEC level.

The Leaders List has been taken offline while we determine the best way to integrate it into to AlumNet, our web portal that is currently in development.



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