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New Volunteers for July

Director Human Resources

10344173_10154354330805788_8059154259391138848_oJuan Martin Branchi, 37, from Argentina, was the MC of his own country in HR for two periods, 2002/04, and participated in two exchange experiences, one in Netherlands and the other with AIESEC. His studies in management and human resources, and experience as an independent consultant after AIESEC led him to found his own consulting practice in the northeast region of Argentina. He has worked for large international corporations as well as for regional SMEs and local projects in early stages finding the right talent, developing them and coaching the leaders in their transformation efforts. He has chaired a number of conferences for AIESEC, and has helped the launching of AIESEC in his hometown Corrientes. He is currently coaching the local EB.






Alumni Internship Referral Director (AIR)

32835eaYalin Yurelin, Turkey/Czech Republic, started his AIESEC career in 1998 in Adana LC / Turkey. He worked as VP Marketing in his first year and received ‘Communication Award’ in promoting the ‘Global Exchange Program’ in regional and national press. He continued another year in LC Board in the role of ‘VP Outgoing Exchange’ and realized 16 internships on his own and received ‘Exchange Award’ for that year. He decided to take more responsibility and became the president of Adana LC in 2001/2002 and after a successful year under his management, Adana LC received ‘The Best Performing LC and HR awards’.  He decided to run for MC in Turkey and moved to Istanbul. He worked as “VP Outgoing Exchange’ in his first year and worked in a  global team called ‘X-Act’ which was supposed to determine the direction of ‘Global Exchange Programme’ and joined to international conferences as facilitator and trainer. In 2003/2004 he was the MCP of AIESEC in Turkey and was a part of ‘Global Steering Team’ which had the mandate to decide on the future of learning traineeships. During his 6 years of active AIESEC life, he was the missioner and supporter of management traineeships. After he finished his MCP term, he worked in the audit & advisory boards of hic LC and MC.  He was matched with a European Media agency for 3 months traineeship in Prague where he worked 7 years and started companies in 4 different countries. During that time he hired AIESEC trainees and worked with them. In the last 2 years, he started his own consultancy business and a global trade company whose employees are only AIESEC’ers from all over the world. Yalin has been through all the stages of an exchange program and he will be working in the ‘Alumni Internship Referral Program’ to help AIESEC in increasing the number of management traineeships and creating new opportunities for the upcoming AIESEC’ers.

A-Groups Program Leader

Agnes Dumett lives in San Francisco and works as a Product Manager at a software startup. She started her work with AIESEC in 2006 at AIESEC San Jose and her roles included36e9eaf Recruitment Coordinator for her LC, Communications team member at IC 2006, and Press Officer for AIESEC International. She looks forward to taking on a role with AAI and helping provide meaningful experiences for AIESEC Alumni locally and globally.

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