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Our signature AAI programs bring our global network together for professional and social connections.


Programs Deployed Through AlumNet:

Global Business Exchange
The Global Business Exchange (GBE) will be an online marketplace where alumni-run businesses can offer their products and services to the network and create global business opportunities.  This could range from market research and consulting, to help with distribution channel development or business partner selection in another country.

Global Job Market
AIESEC alumni are talented internationalists, entrepreneurs and business executives, who are of high interest to corporations and NGOs.  The Global Job Exchange (GJE) will provide an online job market where talent and career opportunities come together.

Global Meet-Ups
Looking to connect with alumni during international business trips or vacation travel?  AlumNet will allow you to search for people with similar careers and interests, and connect with them socially while you are traveling abroad.

ALUMnite events bring together alumni, sometimes also AIESECers and trainees, in cities around the world.   Ranging from casual get-togethers in restaurants and homes to social gatherings with speakers, we connect on so many levels.  Many cities have monthly social events, some do company and school visits.  Ski trips, picnics and cruises have all brought alumni together again. (additional  info)

While everyone joins AIESEC for many different reasons, the reason we stay involved is always the people!

ALUMnite events bring together Alumni, sometimes also AIESEC’ers, Trainees and externals, in cities around the world. Ranging from casual get-togethers in restaurants and homes, to in-depth discussions on a topic, we connect on so many levels. Many cities have monthly social events, some do visits to a company or school, and ski trips, picnics, and cruises have all brought alumni together again.

Right now, facebook groups capture the quick, dynamic, friendly nature of ALUMnite events… and alumni have created 100’s of facebook groups and events. We are happy that most are also shared on AlumNet

A-Groups are groups of 10 to 14 AIESEC alumni who become a trusted advisory board for each other.   Advice – career advice, input on dealing with team challenges, mentoring, industry knowledge – these are needs that professionals require for their development as leaders.  Members meet 6-8 times per year, building a tight group that discusses a range of topics.  These deep friendships are usually diverse in order to generate different viewpoints and perspectives.  The program started in 2010 and exists in several countries.  We plan to expand the program and welcome your input. (additional info)

 3ISUM (International Startup Meetings)
As AIESECers, we all learned to take initiative.  For some alumni, this led to founding their own businesses.   International Startup Meetings bring together entrepreneurs, investors and professionals together for education, networking and funding.  Aspiring to build global businesses, ISUM attendees create networks that cross cultues and geographies.   The first five ISUM meetings have successfully created new partnerships and business opportunities, and there are many more in our future.  Next ISUM is March 24-25th, 2014 at Momentum2014Mexico. (additional info)

Alumni Internship Referral (AIR) Program
The AIR program is a joint strategic initiative of AAI and AIESEC International in support of growing AIESEC’s Global Internship Program (GIP). Alumni – who fully appreciate the value of AIESEC interns – have the potential to take thousands of AIESEC interns every year, and refer thousands of qualified leads, and thereby provide major global support to AIESEC and to its mission. You can see the potential of this program once it is implemented on a global scale by looking at these pioneering implementations by AIESEC Life, the alumni association in the US.

Interested in learning about how to organize these programs in your country?  Contact us for more information.


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