AAIC main registration round ‘Last days to register with a discount’.

The main round of registration for attending a once in a lifetime international congress deadline was over today but  according to alot of alumnus request, we extended the deadline to pay the same fees (main round fees) until 30th of May, 11:59 PM (GMT +2)

Register and don’t forget to check our Visa booklet to ensure your visa process on time in case you need it!
Dont miss your chance to attend AIESEC’s 70th Anniversary within the congress!! Find out more & register here https://aiesecalumnicongress.org


“I have a lot of reasons to be excited but one of them is that this conference is happening in the MEA region and in Egypt which is my home country! And as we all say it’s where it all begins!! It gives us a lot of excitement & pride. We guarantee you that it’s an experience you definitely don’t want to miss.

Moreover it’s also a chance for you to reconnect with AIESECers from around the world & seeing what people are building on top of what you have created for us and the legacy you left us. We feel a lot of gratitude to what you all have done for AIESEC & we want to share this feeling with you.”

Watch now PAI elect’s 18/19 message to all of our dearest Alumnus expressing his gratitude to the Alumnus network & inviting you all to attend AAIC in Egypt this year!! Find out more & register here https://aiesecalumnicongress.org

Did you know that you can still save 20% off on all room types if you register before the 30th of May!

We are very enthusiastic about having all of our Alumnus in AAIC 2018 in Egypt!


“I want to invite you on behalf of the MEA region to attend AAIC that will be held in Egypt so that we can all meet & share all the things that we learned in the organization, how we are using them in our lives in different parts of the world.
Looking forward to meeting you guys & hearing some of your stories about how AIESEC influenced you & how you are taking AIESEC forward through your actions.”

Ronan, the founder of AIESEC Paraguay, is looking forward to meet all of you in Egypt this July! Find out more & register here https://aiesecalumnicongress.org

Visa Booklet link: http://bit.ly/AAICEGvisabooklet

Confused about your Visa issuing? You can now check this booklet to know more details about the Visa of your country!

“I want to encourage all of you to register for the AIESEC Alumni International Congress that’s going to be held here in Egypt in July. Its a great opportunity for us to network, to dance some roll-calls again & have some great fun! So hope to see you there!”
Daudo Vali, who is currently the country manager at DHL, previously Africa Regional Director & Founder of AIESEC in Mozambique, is encouraging all of our dear Alumnus to attend AAIC this July! Find out more & register here https://aiesecalumnicongress.org/

Did you know that the third Yoga pose – ansa increases strength, endurance, and resistance to various diseases, thus empowering the body, mind and soul, and the first yoga limb anga – is about ethics and morality?
At AAIC you’d learn various yoga poses all for free

As we celebrate our achievement as the largest youth-led organization in the world, growing disruptively while staying relevant to societal and millennial realities, we invite our global alumni body to celebrate 70 years of legacy with us.
Over 300 leaders of AIESEC will be present to draw inspiration from alumni stories and their wealth of knowledge. Your story is just a click away to inspire us for more.

We would be very happy to have you all specifically in Egypt specifically in Hurghada which is one of the most beautiful cities that you can every visit!
Be here with us to reconnect with your fellow AIESECers & to know where the organization now is & where its heading.”
Inas Agerbi who is currently MEA Regional Director is looking forward to have all of you here to reconnect again! Know more & register here https://aiesecalumnicongress.org/

Do you speak sport? AAIC 2018 Alumni Olympics is a variety of sport events for spectators and sport gladiators alike, to make your stay eventful and memorable.
You’re a click away from Alumni Olympics.

Did you know that belly-dancing started in Egypt? The Egyptian night features a variety of ancient and contemporary Egyptian night life. Would you rather see it? You are a click away for a night at the pharaohs.

Check out the interview done by one of the Egyptian national TV channels dmc TV, getting to know more about our international congress that will be held in Egypt this year!
Still didn’t register yet? You are missing alot! Know more & register now!! https://aiesecalumnicongress.org/
DDL for Main Round is 20th of May, 11:59 (GMT +2)

As businesses strive to stay above the profit curve, innovative ideas are essential for business growth in a dynamic fast pacing global economy, existing business models are toppled and challenged daily due to the fast growing global startup Eco-system pioneered by youths.
We invite our Alumni to engage the sharpest minds amongst the 8 billion global youth population to give your business that projected astronomical growth. Click on the registration link the growth button for the quantum leap.

As a pioneer in youth leadership and development, YouthSpeak Forum is geared towards amplifying the youth as an important stakeholder in global issues. AIESEC has successfully engaged 2.9 million youths in creating awareness for the 17 SDGs.
As we constantly engage with like minded organizations to create even more blue-men for a better world, we invite you to join us in making our world a better place.

You will definitely fall in love with Egypt this summer!! This July will be super amazing! Check our amazing Study tours to the most amazing places in Egypt that will take your breath away! Check all the details in this link. http://bit.ly/AAICEGtoursbooklet
DDL for registering for Study Tours is 15th of May, 11:59 (GMT+2)

You Still have one week to be a Speaker!
Do you have a disruptive idea, an inspiring story, an exciting life hack that you want to share in front of the global alumni community?
Alumni Talks – 18 minutes’ speeches (on Day1 and Day3) 
Who’s the audience & what are we looking for?  
Our community of alumni are sharp, rebellious and ambitious industry disruptors._    
Our goal is to empower them to make better decisions about the world we live in on professional & personal level.
If you think you’ve got the topic to advance & accelerate the conversation on an important issue, you’re shaking up your field or are an innovator, bring new trends and breakthrough thinking in science, technology, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, you’ve got a big story or a wild cards from the future. ‘You need to be willing to register as a delegate to apply’  
_Deadline for submission – 30th of May 2018 
Selected Alumni will be informed by 1st of June 2018_
Kindly you will find the application link below: 

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