AAI Partners with Cooltribes & Profinda on AlumNet

The contract is signed and development is now underway on AlumNet, the global services web portal that will bring hundreds of thousands of AIESEC alumni together in an online global network.

After an exhaustive search and extensive planning, AAI has partnered with Cooltribes and Profinda, which will build AAI’s state-of-the-art platform that will serve many purposes, including:

  • The ability to connect, collaborate and contribute, using social networking tools and advanced matching technology:
  • The deployment of AAI signature programs and events, including ALUMnite, A-Groups, Global Business Exchange, Global Job Exchange and Global Home Exchange, ISUM and others;
  • National Alumni Association (NAA) management tools, including home pages, newsletters, membership management and payment systems.

These are just some of the many features that we are planning for AlumNet, which will become the critical enabler of the AAI Transformation Project.  Learn more about the system and it’s features by Clicking Here to download the AlumNet presentation made at AAGC in Taiwan.

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  1. adminCarlos Botero says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m Carlos Botero, Project Manager for AlumNet, and I’m really excited about this role and all that is happening with building our global AIESEC Alumni platform.

    An online community portal without strong support and engagement will not be successful, and this is why I’m now asking for your comments, to create online discussions about what AlumNet should be, to gather your input and make sure your ideas help shape our development efforts!

    You are welcome to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas by leaving a comment here or if you prefer to send me a private message you can do so via e-mail: [email protected]

    Best regards,

    Carlos Botero
    AAI Project Manager for AlumNet

    1. adminKen Phillips says:

      This is great progress!

      1. adminCarlos Botero says:

        Indeed @Ken Philips, we are very excited and working hard on making of AlumNet a reality! And I’m particular interested in getting all your comments, ideas, feedback, questions or just if you want to know more or say “hi”, just drop me a line to: [email protected]

        1. When is the launch date? I cant wait to see the engagement metrics 🙂

    1. adminCarlos Botero says:

      Muchas gracias Andrew! 😀

  2. adminPedro Luis Pinson says:

    Bravo Andy, fantastic that this is working, mucho éxito y un abrazo PLP

  3. adminCatherine Ubaysi NC 1992-1994 says:

    Well done, brilliant project, looking forward to experience the platform !

  4. This is just great Carlos and AAI team members!

    We are looking forward to the implementation of AIESEC AlumNet!

    I would like to take the opportunity to propose:
    – to share job offers on the website (by function, country and salary range);
    – to share presentations of startups and what they are looking for (team members, advisors, financing, for example);
    – to share openings of positions within Boards for international growth.

    These services would be for members of AAI.

    All the best, Christian

    1. Christian, thanks for your thoughts and ideas. Our Global Job Exchange and Business Exchange will create online marketplaces as you have suggested. There will also be a Start-Up area in addition to the ISUM area where entrepreneurs and investors can come together, share business plans, etc. I love your idea of posting open Board positions as well. We haven’t finalized which services will be reserved for paid members only, but we are working on this plan as well. Appreciate your ideas and support!

    2. adminCarlos Botero says:

      Thank you Christian for you words of support and your input, I love that! Feel free to bring more!

      And yes, just complementing what Andrew mentioned, we will be having the Job Exchange Program in a further phase of the development where Alumni will be able to do both, post and apply for jobs among us.

      Right now the development has been focused on building a community platform where Alumni can find each other and connect in community groups, and for the launch we will have one group specifically for AlumNet to keep on going on this type of conversations.

  5. adminKen Phillips says:

    Can you send me info on what info will be included for an alum? And when? What is available now?

    We want current contacts [items 1, 2]. We see alumni profiles as being inspiring to current student members [item 3]. We need info on what alums in Boston actually want to do [items 4, 5, 6]. How much of this will AlumNet do?

    We are interested in Boston to have the following.

    1. Contact info with alums from US and other countries who are working or studying in the Greater Boston area – name. original LC/MC, email, phone, skype, FB, LinkedIn, etc
    2. Flow in of info on alums who visit Boston
    3. Personal info: Higher Education; AIESEC student experience; Best memory of AIESEC days; First job(s) after AIESEC; Current work/activity; The most important thing you gained from AIESEC; AIESEC alumni activity or other volunteer work
    4. Options to be involved: social gatherings; cultural events; professional networking; panel discussions on current topics; other (specify)
    5. Options to help: Leads for traineeships; training in sales; mentoring LC leaders; supporting LC at my university; helping to organize events; IT support; member of Boston BoA; search to find more AIESECers in Greater Boston; AIESEC Hub Leader; other (specify)


    1. adminCarlos Botero says:

      Hello Ken, I’ll be glad to let you know more, please just write me to: [email protected] to arrange.

      But quickly I can tell you that all you have been adding will be available, some things earlier and some other later, and I’m also glad to hear more inputs and ideas to make this the best platform for all the AIESEC Alumni community, the idea is that AlumNet will be in an “eternal beta”, meaning that it will be improved constantly according to the feedback of it’s users and the needs of RAA, NAA, LAA associations.

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