Join AAI now to unite us worldwide

Posting on alumni social media and attending the occasional alumni gathering does not meet the full test for committed AIESEC alumni who want to network globally, cooperate in activities internationally, and access global benefits.  For this it takes the additional step of AAI membership, and here is your special chance.

AAI is now offering its most advantageous membership promotion yet.

Click on the icon above to sign up without delay for:
Launch Member: 2 years for 1 yr fee € 50 (< 30 only €30), or
Launch Subscriber: 5 years for 3 yr fee € 150 (< 30 only €90)

…or  obtain special honors as a Launch Donor with a €1,000 lifetime membership fee.

Your will enjoy full member privileges* including:

  • Member discount at AAIM2012 Moscow and other events
  • Voting rights at AAI Congress
  • Information rights in AAI business
  • Brussels Airlines European flight discount (others to be added)
  • Full access to new AAI website and networking hub with all information and  future alumni database search functions
  • Access to AAI programs on all three platforms (Alumni-to-Alumni, Alumni-to-AIESEC, Alumni-to-World)
  • Guest privileges at other cooperating AIESEC alumni groups

You will also be demonstrating your support for the efforts underway to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential.

Prepare for AAIM2012 Moscow and sign-up right here, right now

*This temporary reduced fee offer may be discontinued at any time.  Full AAI functionality will be achieved in stages.   No fee refunds for preemptive cancellations.

4 replies on “Join AAI now to unite us worldwide”

  1. adminPetronela says:

    What about those who are already members of AAI for 2012? How do we get access to Full access to new AAI website, networking hub and AAI programs on all three platforms (Alumni-to-Alumni, Alumni-to-AIESEC, Alumni-to-World)? Thank you.

    1. Dear Petronela, the new AAI website, networking hub and AAI programs on all three platforms will be rolled out in stages. We’re working hard to move these initiatives forward and we’ll provide a full update on our progress in August in Moscow. Thank you for your continued participation and support! Regards, David

  2. This sounds like a great initiative. Let’s get started.

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