AAI Launches Integrated Organization & Membership Initiative

AAI is formally launching its Integrated Organization & Membership Initiative, which is designed to achieve key strategic goals as a part of the AAI Transformation Project:

  • Bring National & Regional Alumni Associations (NAAs and RAAs) together into a single structure, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities which will allow the alumni organization to grow exponentially over the coming years
  • Create a single paid membership program for those wish to support the alumni organization more actively, but want to have access to services and programs at all levels, from local to global

The AAI Integrated Organization & Membership Initiative is being rolled out to all NAAs and RAAs around the globe in June, 2014,  with the goal of signing the Charter Strategic Partnership Agreement (“The Charter”) between the majority of entities by the end of 2014.  Would you like to learn more about what this means?

By bringing all alumni entities around the globe together, we will strengthen our cause and increase our value to alumni and members who are committed to Leadership Under AIESEC Values Delivered for Life.

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  1. adminHerbert Chau says:

    Andrew, after my travel, I want to have a discussion with you and Mariella before Conf in Taiwan. I have a new idea which is a little bit modified from the current model to fit the general needs and to apply worldwide

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