AAI Invites Experienced Alumni to Join Our Team

The AAI Transformation Project requires committed leaders to join our team and help us lead the effort to bring our vision to reality. We have made a lot of progress in the last couple of months, and feel  very proud to see talented experienced alumni become part of the team. Yet to achieve our full growth momentum, it is critical that we fill all positions within our organization.

Many of you out there may be still wondering if joining AAI as a volunteer is the right opportunity for you, and if you will have the time and energy to dedicate to this endeavor. We understand your lives today, how busy you may be with work, life, family and other projects. But we also know that the AIESEC spirit inside of you will help you rise to the challenge and bring you much satisfaction, as you give back to AIESEC and the alumni at large.

Here are the positions that you can apply for and a brief detail of the main responsibilities:

  • Director of Fundraising, responsible for building and leading a global alumni team focused on raising donations from individual alumni donors
  • Director of Business Development, responsible for building and managing a corporate sponsorship sales team, targeting larger corporations
  • Marketing Director, responsible for product development, programs, positioning and strategic marketing planning
  • Communications Director, responsible for building a digital marketing team to promote AAI and create a global alumni news correspondent network
  • Newsletter Editor, responsible for the production and management of our monthly newsletter
  • Social Media Manager, responsible for managing a team of online marketers with a focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
  • ALUMnite Program Director, responsible for  working with the marketing team to promote the adoption of ALUMnite events around the world
  • International Event Manager, responsible for acting as AAI’s liaison to Organizing Committees for developing international alumni events (AAIM and AAIC)
  • AIESEC History Project Curator, responsible for organizing and managing The AIESEC History Project
  • Web Site Developer, helping us to re-skin, add content and enhance the value of aiesec-alumni.org
These openings provide an amazing opportunity to channel your AIESEC energy into action and to  collaborate with talented leaders who are already part of this team.
Here are the preferences regarding the profile of the volunteers for these positions.
  • At least 3-5 years of professional experience, with demonstrated leadership skills.
  •  Results-driven, hands-on, self-starters with the ability to work with little supervision and meet deadlines.
  • The ability to recruit, coordinate and manage teams.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills.
  • Strong project management abilities.
  • Senior AIESEC leadership experience at the MC or AI level.
  • 10-20 hours per month of available time to dedicate to the effort.

We are looking forward to receving your enquiries for more information on any of these positions. Please write to Juan Martin Branchi, our Director of HR and Recruiting at  [email protected]. Come join us in our journey!

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  1. Hello, I am web designer and I do not know if I would really have the time to help but if we could iron things out maybe we can have that bit of time.

    I am currently working as a full time front end developer for http://inside-edge.com/ and running a web design business at the same time.

    Please email me how I can help, glad to know that the site is running on WordPress.

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