The AAI Executive Board

During our AAI Congress in Tapolca, Hungary on Saturday, February 18th, AAI members elected a new Executive Board that includes Andrew Rowe, Bernd M. Thomas, David Epstein, Hiro Kinashi, Lionel Simons and Sudeep Malhotra.  The EB subsequently named David Epstein as President and Bernd M. Thomas as Vice President.

Their initial areas of focus are as follows:

  • Andrew Rowe (signature programs);
  • Bernd M. Thomas (policy coordination, including preparations for Moscow ’12, and liaison with AIESEC SG, AI and legal counsel);
  • David Epstein (oversight of joint effort with AI on next generation website/networking, newsletter and social media; communications);
  • Hiro Kinashi (alumni and network database);
  • Lionel Simons (sponsorships and finance); and
  • Sudeep Malhotra (membership).
The EB has co-opted Arnould de la Boulaye, Kuba Karlinski and Jochen Wiegand to the board as non-voting members.  Arnould is joining with special responsibility for exploring the AIESEC Alumni Foundation Project; Kuba is joining to support national growth, including new country startups and the sharing of best practices; and Jochen is joining with interim IT responsibility to help us transition to stronger newsletter, website and social media platforms.

Thank you all for your support, and please click here to learn more about each of these individuals.  We will reach out to you soon to request your active participation!

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