A-Groups Offer New Alumni Program Opportunity

In Moscow, Rollie Gosiengfiao led a Working Group on the A-Groups program, which has been successfully rolled out in Asian countries.  Several attendees from around the world expressed interest in implementing the A-Groups program in their regions.  Learn More about the A-Groups program by downloading the workshop report.

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  1. I love this iniciative! This is a wonderful idea to give support and grow together. I am also organizing a similar type of group, which I dream of many years ago. This says that it is a much needed thing to happen in the world of today, where so many changes are happening at a fast rate! Congratulation! I hope that we can do the same in Holland! I offer my self to give it a try.

  2. Marcela, you will find more info on http://www.agroups.org on how to form one. You can start with a small group of 5 alumni then grow to 12 later. I can help and perhaps join the first meetings via Skype. Depending on the time, I might even come. Holland holds a place in my heart, I lived there for 4 years right after my AIESEC years. I joined the company where I earlier had an internship. Since you are based in Holland, you might consider a regional A-Group with members from neighboring cities within driving distance. You need to devote 4 solid hours for each meeting so an intercity A-Group could meet on Saturday afternoons. Bedank.

  3. It’s wonderful to see the power of the AIESEC alumni network in action. Good luck with this, Marcela. Thanks for sharing your program, Rollie.

  4. Sound great!! I will propose the idea at the next Alumni Board meeting to give it a try in Lima and then in other cities. I will check the link posted by Rolando. Thanks for your work guys, I am really sorry I coudn’t join you in Moscu!

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