Haruo Kano: Reflections of an Alumnus

AIESEC was my life changing event in the late 60’s traveling abroad was something reserved for the Jet Set and the rich, the first 747 Jumbo Jet was still on the drawing board, actual drawings made by hand not Mac’s, so for me, the son of a Japanese immigrant who came to Mexico in 1911 […]

Update from AAAP in Bangkok

Nearly 100 delegates attended the AAAPC 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand between October 7 and 9, from more than 16 Asia Pacific alumni entities and 4 non-Asia-Pacific entities participated.  2 new initiatives there introduced: AIESEC Got Talent and JUMP (Juniors Meetup Program).  AIESEC Got Talent aims to showcase the diverse and amazing talent within Asia Pacific […]

AlumNet Community Manager Wanted

We’ve got a cool team waiting for you to join. Take a peek below and shoot us an email at [email protected] with a resume, short bio, and anything else you think we should see (photos of your dinner?). Now, if we may, a few general words about you, the ideal candidate… You are: high energy, […]

Global Meetups

We are bringing real product leadership to our Global Meetup program.  This program has the potential to bring hundreds of thousands of AIESECers together for customized cultural and business exchange to have IMPACT, in the following ways:   Simply meeting for coffee for cultural exchange A place to stay overnight when traveling A 1-day or […]

AIESEC Croatia Update

65 Alumni of AIESEC Croatia have come together earlier this month in a small city named Djurdjevac, for the 2nd National Winter Alumni Conference, “Connect 2 Impact” (C2I). It was held parallel to the National Winter Conference of AIESEC Croatia which had 100 delegates.  The alumni agenda was structured around presenting global and regional alumni […]