Save the Date – RAC 2016 in Bogota, Colombia

The Regional Alumni Congress (RAC), the multi-generational and annual meeting of AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica (AAIB), will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in Bogota, Colombia March 10 – 13, 2016. AAIB’s 2016 RAC will promote networking to develop business in the region, opportunities for investment in Colombia – a regional actor and 4th largest economy in […]

My First Year on the AAI Management Team

After graduating from University, I decided to start my own business. One reason behind my decision was that the standard two weeks of yearly vacation in Canada seemed insufficient, and the other my sense of adventure  and what an adventure it has been! As a founder of several companies, I was able to bring AIESEC’s […]

Be a part of the Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative for a better world.

With support from AAI (AIESEC Alumni International), AIESEC Life (the United States’ Alumni Association) is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, December 1 to spread the word about the new Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative (GALI) and to generate interest in participation. The purpose of GALI is to rekindle our passion for impact, and to re-engage AIESEC alumni to act in bettering […]

Why We Do What We Do

Let’s face it — it’s hard to read the news these days, which seems filled with so much negativity – terrorism, war, refugee crises, climate change, breakdown in our ecosystems, corruption – the list seems to go on and on.  These are challenging times that we live in, and sometimes it feels hard to believe […]