AIESEC Alumni Change Agent Campaign

We joined AIESEC for many different reasons – some of us heard of great parties, or we had a friend that pulled us in, or maybe we were attracted by the opportunity to travel. Once involved, though, we became deeply passionate about AIESEC, with its inspiring vision and a purpose that is larger than us. These values […]

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  Like many AIESEC alumni, you probably envisage a world in which hundreds of thousands of alumni are connected, collaborating, and contributing productively to each other’s lives and careers, to AIESEC and to society at large, harnessing our shared experience, our talent and our capital of trust. This is our vision at AIESEC Alumni International, one which […]

Donor Profile: Lionel Simons

We’re pleased to showcase Lionel Simons, a senior alumnus who’s contributions and lifelong connection to AIESEC set a fine example for all of us to follow.  Lionel is also a proud donor to The AAI Seed Fund 10 X €10K Campaign, demonstrating his generosity and commitment to The AAI Transformation Project. Among his many accomplishments, […]

Come Join Us in Porto

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of attending several global alumni gatherings around the world, including Mexico City, Budapest, Panama, Moscow, Vienna, Novi Saad, and Taiwan.  Each of these events has been a unique gathering of wonderful people, who are all bound together by shared experiences and AIESEC values.  As our dear […]