A powerful network of more than a million leaders worldwide, dedicated to values-based leadership

We unite a global network of AIESEC Alumni, each embracing a lifelong commitment to embody AIESEC values, thereby striving for peace and the fulfillment of human potential, fostering a more unified world.


AIESEC alumni are spread across the globe. Our international network is structured around Alumni Regional Associations, each composed of national entities.

The members and executive boards of these national and regional entities form the core of the association, driving our events and activities forward.


Demonstrating an unwavering lifelong dedication to AIESEC’s ethos of nurturing leadership and fostering positive societal change, we’ve cultivated a Global Alumni platform offering an array of services and opportunities tailored to every stage of adulthood.

Through international gatherings, information exchange, and collaborative projects, 

we unite alumni from across the globe. As an organization committed to perpetuating leadership anchored in AIESEC’s values, our initiatives are meticulously designed to align with our core principles and bolster one or more of our three pillars

Alumni To The World

Empower Alumni Worldwide

Join us in our mission to harness the collective strength of our alumni community, transforming it into a dynamic global network poised to drive impactful change across the globe

Alumni to AIESEC

Alumni Engaging with AIESEC

Partnering with AIESEC to strengthen and amplify our impact, fostering a vibrant alumni association.

Alumni to Alumni

Alumni Connecting Globally

Join our network to unite alumni from around the world, dedicated to perpetuating lifelong leadership guided by AIESEC values.

75 YEARS ​
of leading towards peace

In 2023, AIESEC proudly celebrated its 75th anniversary in Rotterdam. This momentous occasion marked not just a milestone, but a culmination of 75 years dedicated to developing exceptional youth leadership. Building upon the legacy established by past generations who championed the theme Leaders for Peace” we reaffirmed our commitment to empowering every young person in the world.

Rotterdam served as a global stage for AIESECers of all generations to come together, share experiences, and solidify our shared mission and vision for a more peaceful future.


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